Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hailey && Ed's Wedding.

Friday was my two friend's Hailey and Ed's wedding.
I had a blast.
Check out my new do!!!
Everyone loved it. :)

I lost my sandels on the golf course.
After running through the sprinklers.

There will be more photo's posted soon once I get the Family Portraits from Gerda.

Dress:: Thrifted
Bag:: Thrifted
Necklace:: Thrifted


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Giveaway Alert:: Jujubeads Jewelery 250 Followers Giveaway!!!

***This is not my giveaway it's just an alert for one!!**

Jujubeads Jewelry AKA Sanctuary Jewelry is generous enough to hold ths giveaway.
With such great gifts.
Good luck girls!!!

Deadline: ..... August 15th.

                                        Random fact: my birthday is August 3rd :] Yay!


~ Matcha Milk Tea Packets

~ Kit Kats

~ My Beauty Diary & Beauty Friends Facial Masks

~ Collagen lip masks

~ Eye mask

~ Jelly straws

~ Hello Kitty notepads

~ Sterling Silver Jujubeads Jewelry Earrings 2 pairs

~ Sterling Silver Bracelet Cuff

~ Cover Girl lip stain

~ Sally Hansen tinted lip balm

~ Elf Studio Lip Gloss

~ Elf Cuticle pen

Required Rules:

~ Obviously, be a follower of this blog.

~ Post ONE comment saying "enter me" with your name & e-mail address AND make a separate post in your blog with this giveaway picture & a link back to this post. Give me the URL. (this is your 1 entry in)

~ Beauty YouTubers okay as long as you figure out how to replace the making a post thing :p

~ Just giveaway blogs are not okay, please, actual real bloggers.

~ Open to US residents & international

I will be checking.

Additional Entries:

~ Follow me on Twitter & make a Tweet about this giveaway (1 entry) with it saying @julixx04 so I know

~ Put a picture link to this giveaway in the sidebar of your blog/site (1 entry)

~ Purchase a jewelry piece (starting from this post) Mentioned that you entered the giveaway when purchasing. Mention that you bought jewelry when posting a comment (1 entry)

A total of 4 entries are obtainable.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time Well Spent. I think......??

Yesterday I went to West End to hang out with my brother.
He didn't tell me he was going to make me walk around Foodtown for 3 hours while he food shopped.
It was time well spent though.
I guess??

These videos are of him dancing and walking around Foodtown.
Acting a hot mess.
I couldn't stop laughing.
He was making me laugh so hard I have a stomach ache today.

In other news::
I cut a bunch of my hair off.
And bleached it.......
I'm planting a tree.
Metaphorically Speaking.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I Bring With Me To The Beach??

I figured since I've been at the beach a lot lately.
I might as well do a post on what I pack to the beach.
I havn't been there since the weekend.
Because of the rain. :(

These are the things that ALWAYS come with me to the beach.

My shroom Tapestry.
I got this from
It's pretty big.
It's a lot easier to lay out on the sand with a Tapestry then a towel.

I bring an oversized beach towel with me.
Because if you're there at night it gets pretty chilly once your out of the water.
And you want to keep warm.

I bring a backpack to put everything in.
I got this backpack at Hot Topic when I was going to Bonnaroo.
It's a great size for all my stuff to go to the beach.
But not too big.

I know I know.
It's only SPF 4!!!
But I enjoy being tan......
Hate on me all you want.
I get nice and olive.

Water is VERY important at the beach.
If you're going to be in the heat make sure you bring PLENTY of water.

My NDSi comes everywhere with me.
I'm addicted to Chrono Trigger!!

My iPod 80GB Video.
So I can watch movies on the beach.

I love these head phones.
There so badass.

Of course I have to bring Nylon to read with me!!
I <3 Nylon.

I have a few Distressed Denim Mini Skirts.
I usually go straight from the beach to my friends or out somewhere.
And trying to put on shorts when your bottoms are still a little wet is a PAIN!!

I love my Ray Ban Wayfares.
There Pink.
Like everything else I own it seems!!!

And I of course wear a bikini.
I don't have this one.
But I've got about 6 different bikinis.
And  one pieces.

Things not pictures::
**Rat Tail Comb
**Band Aids
**Antibiotic Ointment
**Flip Flops
**Cell Phone

Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 Good Reasons To Stay Alive........

These are some photo's of some of my friend Alice's work.
It's very raw and raunchy at times.
But I love it.

Yesterday I spent the day with my really good friend Ben,
We went to Breakfast,
Went to the Beach in the rain,
Got Sushi,
Saw Pedators,
And got some coffee.
All in all a good day.

My friend Josh come's home for leave in a few days.
This is the dress my Bestie Aliana's mother bought me last week.

It's a Vintage-ish Sailor-ish dress which works out great because he's a Sailor in the Navy!!

Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jersey Shore.................

And I'm off the to beach AGIAN today.

Hopefully I'll have some photo's up later from my brothers 27th birthday party.
At the Pinball Museum in Asbury Park.

I havn't been too fashionable lately.
Just wearing Bikini's with denim mini skirts.
Basic Jersey Shore attire for the dead of Summer.

Check you all on the flip side.