Monday, September 28, 2009

Construction Site // My New Room!!!

I never mentioned this before.
Because I didn't really think anyone cared.
But since my brother moved out.
We are now moving me from upstairs in the front of the house,
To downstairs in the basement.
The room will be a few square feet bigger.
And me and my father are building a HUGE closet for me!!!

The closet I have now is WAY too small.
And half of it was taken when they rebuilt the kitchen a few years ago and put the fridge on the other side of the "wall" of my closet.
So now I'm going to get a whole new closet.
With shelves to put my shoes and everything.

I'm also going to build a plateform bed.
Which will have 6 large drawers under it.
Three on one side && three on the other.
Which will hold my T-Shirts && Jeans // Leggings.
As well as my makeup on one side.
Since I'm not getting my vanity until we move my mother's things upstairs from her "room".
Into my room to turn into her sewing room // office space.

Then the place where her sewing things are now will be turned into a "dressing room" // "makeup area " // Bar && extra storage for my father.
I'm getting half he's getting half.
That's the deal we made up.

I won't be having my new room until December or January though.
Which kind of sucks.
BUT everything will be brand new.

I'm also trying to figure out a way to create a display cabnit for my Care Bears && Care Bear Cousins.
So that they don't get ruined.
I'm thinking about making a long glass front cabnit for them.
So that there protected from the kitten down there.

I'm pretty sure we're making a built in book case too.
So that I can house all of my Nylon Magazines && Teen Vouges.
Would you believe I've been collecting them since 2004?!?!?!?
There's an ENTIRE bin worth of magazines in there.
I need to get magazine holders for the shelves.
I might just store them in boxes so that they don't get warped.

Another thing I need to get is a bunch of frames.
To put my posters && Art work I have in.
I don't want them to be just tacked up on the walls anymore.
I want them to be displayed properly.
I've got too many nice things to let them get muffed up anymore!!

If anyone has any ideas for my new room let me know!!!
Or if you know where to get the things I need for a good price.
Since I need to get a bunch of things for storage.

I'm also debating the color of the room.
Should I wall paper it on the two walls??
And paint the other ones??
Or paint them all??

What color scheme should I go with??
I'm still trying to deside on that one!!!

I'll update this later when I figure that out I think!!

Peace Love && Lipstick


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Give Away:: My Pretty Sample Bag

I don't know if any of you have ever ordered a My Pretty Pink Box??
But now they've got My Pretty Sample Bags!!!

You can choose from TWO different ones.
The first one = 3 samples of your choice.
The second one = 5 samples of your choice.
How killer is that??

So there having a giveaway for 3 months of FREE My Pretty Sample Bags with 5 samples.
That's 15 FREE samples.

Just go to::

To place your order.
It's great they have wonderful samples.
And they change every month.

Peace Love && Lipstick

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too old for Care Bears?!?!?!?!?

Random post.
But I felt I needed to say it.
Mostly to make myself feel better about what I had to do tonight.

Are you ready for it?!?!

I had put my set of 15 collecters edition Care Bears up for auction on Ebay last Sunday.
Why you might ask??
Because I thought I had grown too old for them.

I started freaking out when I saw that 5 people were watching them.
I don't know if any of you are familiar with Snype on Ebay??
But I was scared someone had them on that.
And would snatch them up the last minute.

So at the last 17 hours I desided to pull the plug.
End it.
I literally started crying before we figured out how to end the auction.
I couldn't do it.

I collected them for over 6 years.
All through middle school and high school.
Everytime they released a new Care Bear I was on it.

This of course was before my MAC obsession came along.
Well more like DURING.
But I wasn't AS obsessed back then.

Now here we are 6 years later.
I am the PROUD.
Owner of over 30 Care Bears,
Care Bear Limited Editions,
And Care Bear Cousins.
Which in this set I do indeed have Baby Hugs && Baby Tugs Bears.
[[ There SUPER hard to find and were only released in limited production. ]]
As well as the 25th Anniversary Care Bear.

The one and ONLY Care Bear I DO NOT OWN is Gramms Bear.
And that's for the soul reason that they never rereleased her.
I'm still on the hunt for one from the 80's.
But I doubt I'll ever get her.

I mean I'm 20 years old.
Am I in any of your oppinions TOO OLD FOR CARE BEARS???
Is there such a thing??

Maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of all Care Bears && Care Bear Cousins if I get a chance to after the yard sale.

Peace Love && Lipstick

Yard Sale = Blog Sale?!?!

Today was the first day of our yard sale.
And I sold a bunch of stuff!!
I made about $135.00.
Which isn't bad considering I set a goal of only $80.00 for today.

I did sell my guitar.
For less then what I would have liked to.
BUT it's better then nothing right?!?!?

So I'm going to have a BLOG SALE starting on Monday through Sunday.
I will be selling::
&& Skincare // Makeup.

Shipping will be done accordingly.
And there will be a minimum of USD $15.00.
Not including shipping.
I think this is the only fair wa to do this.
Since I will be selling things that will be QUITE HTF && OR RARE!!!

Just to give you guys a sneak peak at what I am going to be selling here is a list of my Skincare // Makeup items && Jewelery I will be selling::


MAC Natural Flare Loose Powder [[ Asking $23.50 ]]
MAC Heatherette Starlet kiss Lipglass WITH BOX [[ Asking $27.50 ]]
MAC FAFI Cult Favorite Lipglass WITH BOX [[ Asking $27.50 ]]
Betsey Johnson Drop Heart Multi Strand Necklace [[ Asking $35.00 ]]
Forever 21 Brass Like Multi Strand Necklace [[ Asking $4.50 ]]
Forever 21 Breaded Long Necklace [[ Asking $2.75 ]]
3 LAB "M" CREAM [[ Asking $10.00 ]]
M LAB Anti Aging Treatment Cream [[ Asking $15.00 ]]
Age Invisible Daily Anti Oxident Age-Defence Cream [[ Asking $13.50 ]]
Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy [[ Asking $13.50 ]]
Bella Bronze Tan Enhancer [[ Asking $15.00 ]]
Amarte Natrual Wonder Cream [[ Asking $13.50 ]]
EZ Flow Acrylic Nail Kit [[ Asking $17.00 ]]
OPI Absolute Acrylic Nail Kit [[ Asking $25.00 ]]

If there is anything anyone would like me to put on hold please let me know.
And I will do so.
So let me know ahead of time.

My Email is::
Please get in contact with me BEFORE Sunday.
I would like to get all of these things OUT OF HERE!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daddys Little Girl. XOXOXO

Photo Credit :: Ephemera Photography // Edward Anastasio

These are from when my father was 16 // 17 years old.
They me a sense of inspiration everyday.

I got this post from a fellow blogger.

Reading.......... Hippie [[ Agian ]] As well as finishing Edie, Hopefully before Christmas.

Listening........... Patti Smith [[ Horses ]] , Elvis Costello [[ When I Was Cruel ]] , && Todd Rundren.

Cooking............ Vegan foods for the Fall. While staying on my "Cleanse // Detox"

Wanting........ To get my thigh piece finished, A Wes Wilson piece, Fabulous luxe new textures and pieces for the Autumn months.

Making......... .C.D.'s for my Lover as well. So that we have music to listen to on our car rides to and from the city. As well as a pair of high waisted t-shirt material biker shorts with tule accents.

Loving......... The up coming event's of Autumn. For once I'm actually EXCITED for it to be cool // cold out. I like to wear as little clothing as possible. But this year I'm READY to pile the clothing on.

I tag everyone who wants to.
Link me to it if you do.
So I can read yours!!

Peace Love && Lipstick


I'm having a yard sale on Saturday && Sunday at my parent's house.
And I am going to be selling a lot of cloths that I don't need or wear anymore.

But I was wondering::
If my things don't sell at the Yard Sale should I have a blog sale?!??!?!

What do you girls think??

I mean I've got a bunch of unworn name brand clothing.
Which I don't wear anymore or have NEVER worn.
Or tried them on and desided agianst wearing it.
And I want them to go to good homes.

So it's up to you girls to help me out.
Blog sale or no blog sale??

Peace Love && Lipstick
JordanMayTwigs. Swap +++ BACK2MAC HAULAGE!!

This is my THIRD swap with a LOVELY lady Daniela in Greece.
Our first swap went VERY well.
So once I found more clothing to swap with her I got in contact with her agian.
To swap once more.
Which in turn turned into TWO more times.

This is what I recieved yesterday::
A pair of People For Peace Cropped Jeans.
A London Denim Mini Skirt Overalls.
And an OPI polish to add to my collection in Cabberatte Without You.

But before I came home Mikey brought me to the MAC PRO store.
So that I could B2M.
I got three things.

Front Lit from the Makeup Artists Collection.
And the LAST Haunting from the Makeup Artist Collection.

I was very happy that they let me get the Black Knight Lipstick before it came out.
I am now the proud owner of the exclusive BLACK LIPSTICK OF THE SEASON!!
Sorry I'm a little TOOO excited.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Current Inspiration = Wes Wilson.

I've been getting back into my old "Hippie// Free Spirited" ways lately.
And an artist who has ALWAYS inspired me be it makeup OR clothing was Wes Wilson.
Who did most a majority of the better known Fillmore West's trippy poster art work back in the 1960's && 1970's.
Above are a few of my current favorites.

It's actually quite funny.
My fathers friend found a bunch of old play bills in a time magazine that he had bought when he lied in San Fransico back in the 1980's.
Like at least 50 of them.
I was like OH MY HEAVENS!!!
I fell in love with them.
There awesome.

I only have replicas of them.
I hope to one day own REAL ones.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Currently FAVORITES.

From Top To Bottom::
1:: Recyled Fiber Pull Over Hoodie [[ ]]
2:: MAC Asphalt Flower [[ ]]
3:: Jocelyn Purse [[ ]]
4:: Pink Metalic Leggings with Bows [[ ]]
5:: Christian Siriano for Payless Heels [[ ]]
6:: Thirfy Hippie Makeup Remover [[ ]]
7:: Eco-Cleaning Products [[ ]]
8:: Tree Tapestry [[ ]]
9:: Paisely Tapastry [[ ]]
10:: Batik Skirt [[ ]]
11:: Betsey Johnson Romper [[ ]]
12:: Tiger Lilly Earrings [[ ]]
13:: Rose Ring [[ ]]
14:: Statement Necklace [[ ]]
15:: Wool Coat [[ ]]
16:: Tunic [[ ]]
17:: Dres [[ ]]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ANOTHER GIVE AWAY!!! This time its for GEM!!

Here's her blog::

Here is the fab prizes!!

I don't normally do contests.
But this one seems pretty killer!!
So I'm amped!!

[[ Fingers Crossed ]]

Peace Love && Lipstick


I was reading the blogs I follow and came across this lovely lady doing a "Thank You" Give away!!
She's giving away 2 different prizes.

Here's a link to her blog::

Here's the awesome prizes!!::

New York Couture Fashion Show && Party

Me and Mikey arrived at Webster Hall at about 8:00 .P.M.
[[ The doors didn't open till 9:30 .P.M. ]]
But we knew that there was going to be a MASSIVE line.
Which there was.

Once inside I pushed my way to the table with the goodie bags.
Only to find that they weren't going to give me one.
Until I bitched my way into it.
I mean really BAD PR PEOPLE!!!

Here's what I got in my goodie bag!!!

I also bought the Limited Edition New York Couture T-Shirt made JUST for this fashion show!!
As well as the New York Couture Necklace.

And here's the photos from the show!!!
I love there cloths.
There killer.
I feel it takes a certian woman with the courage to wear some of there things.

So excited to use it!!

Hope everyone is enjoying there week so far!!
I know I sure am!

Peace Love && Lipstick