Saturday, May 29, 2010

Asian Snacks Haul

My mother suprised me this afternoon with some Asian Treats and Foods.
These are the Hello Kitty sweets she picked out for me.
The two bags are full of hard candies.
The box has Pocky style cookies in it.
I can't wait to try these!!
Soybean Pudding!!!


Spinich Noddles with Garlic Flavor.

Green Onion Thin Crackers.
Each are indivdually wrapped.
So travel is easy!!

These are puffed Barley Wheat Crackers.
I would imagine there somewhat like Rice Cakes??

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Early Birthday To Me!!

Lets start out with my birthday dress!!!
How flipping killer is this dress???
And a steal for only $48.00 instead of $100.00!!
I got this top on clearence at Macy's for $9.99!!!
I figured its good for dressing up or down.

Bath && Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena shower gels, lotion, and hand sanatizer

On the train ride up to the city I ran into a friend of mine,
And he gave me there new CD as an early birthday present!!
I had to get 3 pairs of Over The Knee // Thigh High Socks from Macy's for $2.99 EACH pair!!!
I got this necklace for $7.50 on 65% off clearence instead of $30.00 I think it was!!

Last but not least SEPHORA!!!!!
I got my Illamasqua Blusher in Lover!!!
And Urban Decay Shadow in WoodStock!!
Plus my 100 points perk.
Birthday gift.
And some Go Smile Samples.

Friday, May 21, 2010

There Must Be More Then One MATTMAN!!!

MATTMAN at SICA a few weeks ago.

I went out to the coffee house to the poetry slam last night with MATTMAN.
It was nice to see him agian.
I really do miss last Summer,
When we hung out all the time.

Does this ever happen to you??
You get really close to someone.
Then you get side tracked with life,
And everything seems to fall apart.
But the other person doesn't seem to see it.

Now for my used up products of MAY so far!!

1) Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara
2) Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer
3) C. Booths Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub
4) Paul Mitchells Lavender Mint Shampoo
5) Paul Mitchells Lavender Mint Conditioner
6) Ralph Lauren's HOT Perfume

Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Presents?!?!?!

This was a long weekend!!!!!!
So Sunday when I got home from a wedding I was helping my dad with,
I was more then excited to see two packages waiting for me on the dining room table.
The first one was a package from Mira,
A women I met through
She told me she was sending me a birthday card.
But it turns out she sent me a book PLUS a sweet birthday card.

As you can see I ripped up my carpet.
The hardwood floor under it has paint splatters all over it.
But I kind of like that.
Because it adds some individual flair to my room.

The second package was from an Etsy seller.
I had ordered this silk scarf as a present to myself.
I love the way the flowers are arranged on it.
And the all most spray paint effect in the backround.

As of today I have 2 weeks until my 21st birthday.
I'm super excited.
I'll be going away to Tennesse from June 9th to June 15th
For the Bonnaroo Festival this year with a few of my friends from Brooklyn, NY.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Recent Purchases:: Thrifting // Ebay

Today I stayed home from work with a head cold,
So when I went to go get some meds I stopped in the thrift store as well.

I got these knee socks from a seller on Ebay.
They've got all different colors,
But I desided to go with basic Grey and Black.

I found this Kensie Girl cardigen,
With Bow detailing on the pockets,
It's so soft too!!

I also found a BB Dakota Striped Denim Mini skirt.
Perfect for Nautical inspired outfits!!

I also found a light wash denim jacket.
Which is good for when I got down to the beach at night this Summer.

Anyone have any good finds lately??


Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally A Day Off.............

Hey everyone I just wanted to say sorry for my lack of posting last week.
I worked all week last night.
Making it hard for me to post anything.

Today is my day off.
Then it's back to work till the 15th.
Which is the wedding that I'm helping my father with.

I got to go pick up my Lay-Away stuff from the consignment shop today.
I was excited to finally get my Betseyville Bag && A&F distressed jeans.
I also found some accessories.
And put some more stuff on Lay-Away till next paycheck.
Since I went over there on my bike.
And wanted to bring some more stuff over there anyway this week.

These zipper accessories are hair ties//pins//brooches.
How neat is that??

I am in love with this ring.
It is also hand made.
And has a feather as the leave of the rose bud.
So cute!!

I got this necklace at a steal for only $3.00!!!

I also won Reva's giveaway.
So excited about that!!!
I can't wait to get my package!!
Thank you Reva.
You really are a doll.<3

So what else have I been up to??
I completely redid my room.
I got rid of my futon.
Replacing it with a free standing hammock.
Which today I think I might make a cover for.

I also ripped up my rug.
I now have paint splattered hardwood floors.
Thanks everyone for your comments about my mother.
She was really flattered to read them

Monday, May 3, 2010

My mothers Honors Ceremony, And Todays Packages.

Last night after work my mother, father, and I went to my mother's Honors Ceremony for Brookdale.
I am so proud of my mother for finishing up Community College.
Plus getting Honors on top of that.
I could never do that!!!
Great Job Mom!!

Dress:: Handmade by my mother and I
Wrap Cardigen:: Old Navy Clearence
Necklace:: Forever 21 in NYC

Outfit//My Mothers::
Dress:: Avenue Clearence

I worked outside in the garden area today.
In the humid rain.

I at least found out that I can wear my skinny pants to work.
And when I came home I had two packages waiting for me.

One was a purchase I made on Ebay last week.
I bought these lace up floral jazz flats.
I couldnt resist.

Then I did a swap with a friend.
She added in lots of extra birthday presents.

She sent Viva La Juicy Perfume.

A pair of Oakleys Sunglasss.

A Floral Mini Skirt from Forever 21.

A Boho Top.

A Long Cardigen.

And some lovely extras,
A multi strand necklace,
A Urban Decay Mini Lipstick in Jilted,
And a Sex In The City Perfume Spray.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Adventures In Thrifting:: Part 3

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
I woke up early and walked around town.

I found a Jessica Simpson handbag for $5.00.

And a pair of black canvas flats for $3.00.

I was supposed to have off today.
But they need me to come in to cover other peoples shifts.

Then after work I'm going with my mother to her Honnors Induction for graduation from college.
I've got to bring cloths with me to work.
Because after work I'm going straight there.

My mother also bought me a pair of sandels yesterday at my job.
Because they were buy one get one half off.
So she offered to buy me a new pair.