Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Presents?!?!?!

This was a long weekend!!!!!!
So Sunday when I got home from a wedding I was helping my dad with,
I was more then excited to see two packages waiting for me on the dining room table.
The first one was a package from Mira,
A women I met through
She told me she was sending me a birthday card.
But it turns out she sent me a book PLUS a sweet birthday card.

As you can see I ripped up my carpet.
The hardwood floor under it has paint splatters all over it.
But I kind of like that.
Because it adds some individual flair to my room.

The second package was from an Etsy seller.
I had ordered this silk scarf as a present to myself.
I love the way the flowers are arranged on it.
And the all most spray paint effect in the backround.

As of today I have 2 weeks until my 21st birthday.
I'm super excited.
I'll be going away to Tennesse from June 9th to June 15th
For the Bonnaroo Festival this year with a few of my friends from Brooklyn, NY.



  1. Yeay for gifts! and Bonaroo- that's so exciting!!!!!! Happy B-day two weeks early: )

  2. You lucky girl !!! I haven't forgotten you! I needed a battery for my car, and messed up the first T :(, so I made another one for ya. Will try to get them to u in time for your b-day :) Do u wear a size 28-30 ish daisy duke??? Surprise!!!! That's a B-day gift from me, but I really needed to send the correct size. Maybe I'll still pop in a surprise, ya never know!!!