Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Weekend In .V.A. // .D.C.

So I just found out that I was invited to go with my parent's to Virginia this weekend.
To see my Aunt && Uncle.
Along with my cousin's and there kids.

I've got to pack an overnight bag.
Plus bring food.
[[ Since I'm Vegan && They are NOT. ]]

I'll be posting my "weekend trip bag" later on in the week.
It's supposed to be 70 Degree Farenhit this Saturday.
And we are going to go into .D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms.

So expect picture's from that.
Along with some Easter goodies.


Spring // Summer Makeup + Skincare.

During the Spring and Summer I change my makeup && skincare.

I got from washing my face once a day to twice a day.
Use a scub three times a week.
And two different masks.
One at the beginning of the week.
One in the middle of the week.

I also go from using a liquid heavier fondation.
To a tinted moisturizer.
With a powder to set it.

This year I have gotten a lot of new products.
My past cleanser I found was a bit harsh.
And I finished up my toner recently.
My moisturizer has basicly been the same since I bought it.
But I need to get a new one soon.

I've used the same tinted moisturizer since last year.
[[ Brand and colors not actual product ]]
And the same setting powder.

Cleanser:: 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam
Toner:: LUSH Tea Tree Toner
Moisturizers:: MAC Studio Moisturizer // MAC Oil Control Lotion

.P.M. ::
Cleanser:: 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam
Toner:: DIY Apple Cider Vinager // Green Tea Toner
Moisturizer:: Natural Almond Oil

C. Booth's Green Apple Micro Dermabrassion Scrub

C. Booths Deep Cleansing Volcanic Ash Mask
Chella Enzyme Exfoliatin Crema Mask

Tinted Moisturizer:: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Light to Tan
Powder:: MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Medium

Miley Cyrus with Max Azria for Walmart.

I got home yesterday from hanging out with my friend Alaina.
And there was a dress sitting on my bed.

My mother and father had gone to Walmart to buy candy for Easter for our trip to see my baby cousins this weekend.
While there my mom was looking at the cloths I guess and saw this dress.
Now normally I am not a fair of Walmart cloths.
For anything other then Cropped Sweat Pants.
And Tank Tops.

But something about this dress intrigued me.
It's a black racer back soft cotton tank top.
With a wide elastic band waist.
And a black tiered tulle skirt.

And I looked at the label and saw Miley Cyrus with Max Azria.
I fell in love.

Now I had purchased a Purple Dress earlier in the begining of Febuary from Walmart by the same brand.
That was a fluke I thought.
Seeing as how it was so well made.
And so NOT Walmart Style.

But I think I'll give Walmart clothing a chance now.
Who knows I might find something I really dig on next time I'm in there.

Skincare 101.

I was reading another blog post earlier this morning about oily skin.
And about how if your skin is overly oily it might need more hydration.
So this made me think::
"I should do a post on Skincare 101."

Since I am a recent graduate from cosmotology school,
I have a lot of lit on skincare and haircare.

There are two glands in the skin.
The Sudoriferous or Sweat Glands.
And the Sebaceous or Oil Glands.

Sweat regulates body temperature and helps eliminate waste from the body.
A lot of people think that your pore's get clogged from sweating.
Which is not true.
Sweat is helping push out the waste not help keep it in.

When sebum or oil hardens and the pore becomes clogged, A blackhead is formed.
They are to be extracted by a professional.
Or you will damage your skin.

Now it is important to use these three products on a regular basis.
Cleanser:: Which helps remove makeup and dirt from the skin.
Toner:: Which helps further deep clean into pore.
Moistureizer:: Which helps hydrate the skin.

You should also use a mask at least once a week.
As well as a gentle scrub two to three times a week.
But never use the scrub and mask on the same day.

Now this might seem like a lot of work.
Or a lot of different products.
But you have to remember that people look at your face first.
And keeping our skin clean and beautiful is very important in maintaining a healthy life style.

Hydration is very important in skincare.
You should drink at least 8 tall glasses of water a day.

Water helps regulate the function of the skin.
It helps to ensure that all of the waste is pushed out through the sweat glands.
As well as helps the sebum from hardening and causing those nasty blackheads.

The better hydrated your skin is the less excessive oil your body will produce.
Your body goes into shot when you use too many harsh products on it.
So the oil glands go into over drive trying to compansate for lost hydration.
Causing your skin to be more oily then usual.

Look for products that contain little to no alcohol.
As well as are hydrating if you have this problem.

I personally have normal or combo skin.
Depending on the season.

Products I use::

Cleanser:: 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam
Toner:: LUSH Tea Tree Toner
Moisturizer:: MAC Oil Control Lotion

Cleanser:: 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam
Toner:: DIY ACV Green Tea Toner
Moisturizer:: Natural Almond Oil

Scrub:: C. Booths Green Apple Micro Dermabraion Scrub

Masks:: C. Booths Volcanic Ash Mask // Chella Enzyme Creme Mask

If you have any questions or would like a reveiw on any of these products please leave a comment or e-mail me at thunderchop[[AT]]live[[DOT]]com.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Johnny Den's House Warming Party

All in all it was a good time.
I had to buy a new outfit for the occassion,
Everything I wore was new.
Well Thirfted actually but new for me!!

I got my entire outfit for $31.00 including my shoes.
They were the most expensive part of my outfit.
At $15.00 ON SALE at Payless.
There Jazz-esque flats.
Which looked great with my A&F skirt that I got from the second hand store for $8.00.
Compared to $60.00,
It still had the tags on it!!
I also picked up a cream colored Hollister top for $4.00.
And a Forever 21 Lace top to go over it for another $4.00.
I harded up the look a bit by adding the black tights and cardigen.
I was feeling the vintage gypsy ballerina jazzish look.
By far one of my new favorite looks for sure.
How did you all spend your weekend??
Peace Love && Lipstick

.P.S. ::
I also got a helmet to go riding with my friend on his Harley!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


OPI Baguette Me Not
[[ My nail chipped this afternoon and I didn't realize until I uploaded the photo. ]]

Eyes // MAC Photo Realism Quad
Cheeks // .E.L.F. Glow Blush
Lips // NYX Tea Rose Lipstick // MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass

Today I had my interveiw with Benefit Cosmetics at Macys,
I will find out in a few days if I got the job or not.

I am hoping that for my birthday that I will be going to Bonaroo '10.
I know the tickets are $300.00.
But it's something to work towards.
I've got over a month and a half to make that!!
Unless my parents get me the ticket for my birthday.
[[ Hint Hint ]]

And I'm thinking about cutting my LVitton Jeans into cut off shorts and splatter bleach them.
Because honestly I would like to make a cropped studded vest out of the legs of them.
And have a little pair of shorts as well!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

.P.S. ::
I cut off all my dreads.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're All Mad Here!!!!

I have a stack of Vintage books that sit on my Trunk were I do my makeup.
That were my mothers when she was a young child.
One of the books happens to be my favorite book.
Alice's Adventure's In Wonderland.
These are a few of the illustrations out of the first few pages of the book.

Now as most of you already know.
Tim Burton // Disney are releasing the new Alice In Wonderland on Friday March 5th.
But in at my local cinema there having a midnight showing.
My mother was kind enough to get me and my two friends tickets to the midnight showing.
I'm super amped.
Lots of coffee will be consumed before going!!!