Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're All Mad Here!!!!

I have a stack of Vintage books that sit on my Trunk were I do my makeup.
That were my mothers when she was a young child.
One of the books happens to be my favorite book.
Alice's Adventure's In Wonderland.
These are a few of the illustrations out of the first few pages of the book.

Now as most of you already know.
Tim Burton // Disney are releasing the new Alice In Wonderland on Friday March 5th.
But in at my local cinema there having a midnight showing.
My mother was kind enough to get me and my two friends tickets to the midnight showing.
I'm super amped.
Lots of coffee will be consumed before going!!!


  1. aww can't wait to see it!!
    lucky you!

  2. Exxxxciting! I can't wait to go see it, I love the fashion inspiration that has followed!


  3. Very cool. My makeup table has a glass surface so underneath I lay retro photos.

  4. Oooh did you enjoy it? My sis went today and said it was ace xx