Saturday, August 29, 2009

NYC Bound.

To everyone whose in the New York Area::

My friend Matt Curran is playing.
And it would be really great if you could come out and see him play.
The show is free!!!

Hope to see you all there!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Friday, August 28, 2009


So I offically have like the best friend ever!!!
We went and picked up my girls yesterday!!!
Here they are!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thrifting from the past few days.

So as promised here are the things that I got while thrifting these past few days::

I didn't actually thrift this.
As much as I found it in my friend Mikey's car and told him it was mine now!!

I wore this belt and my grey dress last night to go out for coffee at midnight with Mikey.
It looked really killer!!
And our friend Eva commented on how cute I looked.

My new scarfy scarf for Autumn.
Can't wait to rock this with some skinnies!!

Who needs Forever 21 for knock off oversized 80's inspired clutches??

My new favorite purse.
[[ Sorry Betsey!! ]]

And last but not least!!
My Cityscape dress.
And my Victoria's Secret Teal slip!!

Last night my friend Mikey came down from the city for the night.
We ended up going out for coffee.
And talking.

Then today we went to Target.
Because I wanted to check out the Anna Sui Collection.
It wasn't out yet.
I was VERY upset.

I did find some really cute Hello Kitty stuff in the dollar section.
But didn't buy it because I figured I'll be back in a week or so anyways.
So why not wait to get it??

After Target we went to the mall.
Because I was DIEING.
And I mean DIEING.
To check out the Christian Siriano for Victorias Secret makeup.
So we did.
All they had left was a few shadows.
The bronzer.
The Bronzer Brush.
Two lip glosses.
And the liner.

I figured I'd wait and order it online when my parents get back from Vacay.
Since I checked it out and all.

I did forget to go to Payless and check out his shoes though.
Which I was sort of bummed about.
But whatever!!

All in all it was a good day.
Now I'm just relaxing.
Continueing to go through my cloths.
Making up outfits for Autumn.


And we didn't go get my Miu Miu's yet.
Tomorrow perhaps?!?!?!?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I <3 West End......I MEAN REALLY <3!!

So me and Robbie went back to West End today.
I can't wait for the Summer to be over.
I miss you Autumn.......

So yeah.
We went to the Consignment Shop agian.
Where my Miu Mius are sitting patiantly for me to come get them.
I tried them on and walked around in them.
Fit like a glove baby.
AND ONLY $60.00!!
The girls got them on hold for me till the end of the week.
And is going to try and get the manager to get them lower for me.
Best part??
My friend Eric might buy them for me TOMORROW!!!
I <3 boys.
I really do.

So .O.K.
We went to the Thirft Shop today.
And I got a killer awesome Waist Cinching Belt.
With a Gold Chain hanging off it.

I also purchased an 1980's oversized Cream Leather Clutch.
Which has some sick detailing on it.

As well as a Scarf.
For Autumn.

I will upload picture's later.
Right now my camera is charging.

Oh and My Pretty Pink Mini Sampler came yesterday.
I picked the Makeup Sanatizer Spray.
The Eyeko samples.
And the NYX Sheer Lipgloss.
Which I might just give to Robbie.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favorite Thing THRIFTING!!!! <3

So they opened a new Thrift shop by me.
Mostly Furniture.
But they had some bags too.
I picked up a Granson Cream Leather Quilted Chanel Like Bag.
With a Chain strap with Leather woven through it.
Best Part:: ONLY $2.00!!!

I'm currently waiting for my friend to get here.
So we can go Thrifting some more in West End.
I hope to get some goodies!!

So we went to West End.
And the Thrift Store was closed.
But then we founda Consignment Shop// Boutique!!

I picked up this wicked awesome Dress // Tunic.
For only $10.00!!
It's a large.
So I have to wear a tank top or Bra under it.
[[ Which I don't normally do. ]]

I also found a pair of killer Miu Miu Platform Sandles.
Which were $110.00 But in the 25% - 75% off section.
I'm thinking of going back to get them at the end of the week.
Present from my parent's for watching the house much?!!?

I'm also getting the MAC Photo Realism Palette as a present.
And maybe the Christian Siriano Heels I was eyeing.

I'm debating going to another consignment shop down the street from my parent's house in a little while.
I might find some killer jewelry there.
And maybe another dress.

Also my Victoria's Secret Slip came in the mail today.
I'm thinking of pairing it with my Black Shiny Leggings and a Blazer for going out to the movies.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bag Lady.........

I was actually thinking about this earlier today.
About doing a what's in my bag post.
Than I came online to check my blog.
And Lisa Kate had already done one.
So I desided that I will after all do mine as well.
So here it is::

This is my current bag.
Unless it's ranning.
Than I don't use Betsey!!

I ALWAYS have Burt's Bee's Hand Sanatizer.
LeSportsac Wristlet.
Hello Kitty Change Purse.
Hot Pink Skull Candy Low Rider Head Phones.
My keys with a sock monkey and Hello Kitty on them.
Gucci Sunglasses.
Oakley Readers.
BlackBerry Storm.

Inside my LeSportsac Wristlet::
Anna Sui Blotting Papers.
Handmade Recyled Wallet.
Viva La Juicy Roller Ball.
Hello Kitty 4GB Memory Stick.
80GB iPod Video.

Have any of you done a what's in my bag post??
Link me to it!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Christian Siriano For Payless!!!!!!! <3

So here's another one of my FAV FAB DESIGNERS!!
Christian Siriano is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Project Runway Constant EVER.

So I was talking to my good friend Robbie yesterday.
And we were talking about the new line that he was putting out for Payless.
I was dieing to check it out!!!
I mean HELLO?!?!?!

Here's what they have released online so far::

I plan on getting the last ones.
Only $34.99!!

My MAC//NYX Lippie Collection.

This is the best way to store your MAC or NYX Lipsticks // LipGlasses // DazzleGlasses // Lip Liners.
It's an 4 X 6 Photograph Keeper.
Which I got from AC MOORE.
For only $10.00!!
It's good because it has 6 individual holders.
So that I can seperate them.
They are also clear.
So finding things faster is always a plus.

This is how I organize my Lip Products::
MAC By Year Released Lipsticks.
MAC By Year Released LipGlasses.
MAC DazzleGlasses.
NYX is all together with none MAC Lipliners.

MAC Collections 2007-2008

MAC Collections 2009

MAC DazzleGlasses 2008-2009

NYX Lipsticks && Lipliners Plus Others.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

***Taking Woodstock***

Taking Woodstock come's out on 8/27-09.

So I desided to do a blog post with cloths and jewelry inspired by the 1960's and 1970's.
Because I am REALLY big into vintage.
And more and more I've noticed that a lot of vintage style things are coming into style.
Although I would much rather have the real thing.
But when I can't get the real thing there's always a cheaper alterative.
Since buying good condition vintage can get expensive.

Here are a few of my picks for "Taking Woodstock" inspired outfits::

I am totally in love with the whole Tye Dye effect on the top dress.
The bottom one just reminds me of being in the fields up in the montians dancing.

I fell in love with these cardigens and this swing jacket as soon as I saw them::

I love the detailing on these cardigens.
They feel so free spirited.
As well as care free.

This is the jewelry that I totally fell in loves with.
It's all so earthy and organic feeling.

Than I was looking at browsing the shoes section of the websites.
And found quite a few flats and sandles that seemed to be inspired by the 1960's and 1970's.
Which I thought was pretty killer.
Seeing as how I spend anywhere from $25.00 - $75.00 for vintage boots and sandles.
Here's a couple of my favorites.

Than of course what would an inspiration post be without the inspiration??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hit OR Miss ?? AND New etailer I just found

So I was looking for stuff for my Bento box.
When I stumbled across this site::

They've got all sorts of great Bento stuff!!

So my question is::
Have any of you tried any Japanese Snacks??
And if so what would you recommend a VEGAN??

Oh and here's my wishlist::

So the Anna Sui For Target came out yesterday by me.
But I didn't get to go check it out yet!!
I'm excited.
Even though I know a lot of people aren't that into Anna Sui as I am.
I just want to own at least ONE piece of clothing with her name on it EVENTUALLY.
Since I can't afford a $1,500.00 Tunic right now.
I'll have to settle for the Target one.

Heres the collection::