Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OPI // MAC Style Warriors Haul.

So I went and got some new OPI Nail Laquers.
And the new MAC Style Warriors Collection.

I got ::
Designer Series Chiffon.
Got The blues For Red.
Baguette Me Not.
Fair Dinkum Pinkum.
Chip Skip.
Rapid Dry Top Coat.
And Base Coat.


Than from MAC Style Warriors I got::
Brave New Bronze // Lipstick.
Liberated // Lip glass.
And Gold Rebel // Lip glass.


I fell in love with the packaging.
It's so fierce.
And different from everything else they usually have.
I totally dig it.
I'm looking forward to getting more!!

I'll be getting more soon.
Once my birthday rolls around.
MAY 31ST!!!!
Can't wait!!!

I also graduated from cosmotology school yesterday.
So my parent's got me a new bag!!!
It's from PaperChase [[ Borders. ]]
It's from the Outline Christanthumums collection.
Which I absolutely fell in love with!!!

Some picture's of me and the girls at MAC at the Style Warriors Unveiling.






Friday, May 15, 2009

Nails Of The Day

I was bored at school.

So I went through my polishes.

And found two that I forgot that I had.

Baguette Me Not && Designer Series Chiffon.

Both from OPI.

So I desided to put the two together.

And this is what I came up with!!




Sunday, May 10, 2009


So this is to go along with my YouTube review of the Rusk Go Green flat Iron.

First of all I LOVE THIS FLAT IRON!!!
I have owned many flat irons before.
But none have worked as well as this one.

How sweet is that??
Yeah really!!

I got this at the IBS show last month.
[[ International Beauty Show. ]]
For $40.00.
It retails for over $100.00 I think.
Not too sure though!!

I adore that it's energy efficent.
It also goes up to 446 degrees F.
It's printed with Soy Based Ink.
The 1 inch plates are ceramic && turmine.

It's great for both long and short hair.
It works well to curl hair as well.
I've been using it to curl my hair for a week now.
And it holds the curl VERY WELL.
Without added product.

I have been using it with the Got2B Gaurdian Angel Heat Protector Flat Iron Spray.
This product works well.
It doesn't leave my hair looking OR feeling grease AT ALL.
Which was the problem with my other heat protector.

****If you go to RiteAid they have them with the 3 oz. bottle of the Gaurdian Angel Heat Protector Blow Drying Spray for $7.00 ****



First Blog Post.

So this is my first blog post.
I'm totally excited.

This blog is to go along with my Twitter, && YouTube posts.
In this blog I will talk about ways to be eco friendly.
My life as a Vegan.
Eco freindly products.
Where to buy them.
How to use them.
And all that other fun stuff.

I hope you enjoy.
And have a nice day!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick.