Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Haul Part 2 // Clothing && Accessories [[ ULTRA PIC HEAVY ]]

This is the second part of my 3 part Christmas Post.
I actually got more then what I have pictured.
I just happened to have worn the Extreme Skinny Black Jeans I got,
The Vampire Long Sleeve shirt,
And Brown Yoga Pants.

I got my Pink Leather!!!!!!!
I knew I had gotten it.
Because Betsey had knocked over the bag it was in while playing with the puppy.
And it fell out.

I finally bought myself a Maxi Dress.
I got this at Old Navy on Clearence.

The sparkling Black and Pink Tunic my really close friend Robbie got for me from his job!!
It's so cute and I can't wait to wear it more!!
The Cardi had bottles of perfume, lipstick, and compacts on it.
My mother saw it online and HAD to go buy it for me in the store.
And the Black Sequin Beanie is for NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!!!!
Because I got my Sequin Leggings to go with my Leopard Coat Dress.

The Zebra Print High Waisted Tutu-esc Skirt is so awesome.
I can twirl in it all day!!
The other high wasited skirt I actually bought myself at Marshells.
And then there's my Sequin leggings.

I also got Hello Kitty Socks.
But work them already.
And a Betsey Belt which I left at my boy friends parents house.
As well as my new Leopard Tights.
Because who doesn't need MORE animal print tights?!?!?

Like my new "House Slipper Boots"??
Mikey's mother bought them for me.
Since my feet get cold at his parents house.

I was not expecting these in the least either!!
I wanted a pair.
But havn't been able to find a pair that actually fit around my calves.
Since I'm so small.

The Bento Box Book Mikey got for me.
And the other one My mother got me to decorate my new room.

I got a Hello Kitty Stocking!!!!!!!!!!!!
It goes with my Hello Kitty Drunken Christmas Tree.

And last but not least.
I got a new pair of sunglasses.
These aren't fake Ray-bans.
There the real deal!!!

So all in all I got a lot of great new stuff.
That I really needed or wanted.

And I have one more part to this haul series.
It's my Beauty Fix // My Pretty Sample Bag Haul.
I just have to wait for them to get here!!!
[[ Hopefully today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]]

Peace Love && Lipstick

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Haul Part 1 // Makeup [[ULTRA PIC HEAVY]]

So I hope that everyone had a VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
I know I sure did.
Well I had a Happy Christmas Eve,
When we did presents at my parents house,
Then a Merry Christmas,
At Mikey's parents house.
Then went to our friends house for a party.
I only took 3 photos.
Because we were all a bit tooo drunk.
[[ I had been drinking since Christmas Eve. ]]

Completely down for the count at this point.
Yes I am drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade.

My new best friend Chrissy.
I wish I had of gotten a photo with Michelle.
But she left before I got a chance to.

The boys when we FIRST got there.
I pounded down a Mike's Hard as soon as I got there as you can see.
[[ There was a lot of booze being consumed there that night. ]]

So onto the fun part.
NEW MAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

First off is my .E.L.F. stuff.
I got the Daily Brush Cleaner,Brush Shampoo, Face Primer, And Glitter Masacra.
My mom told me that she also got me the .E.L.F. Palette because I can travel with it easy.

My parents surprised me with the Shu Uemura Lashes.
I'm wearing the Half Lashes on New Years Eve.
I am absolutely in love with the Rainbow ones!!!
And she got me the Gold Painting Liner as well.

I knew I was getting these Mineral Shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes.
My mother ordered them on Black Friday from My Pretty Pink Box.
As there Black Friday Promo.

For some reason one came with 4.
The rest came with three like they were supposed to be.
This one came with :: Flashdance! , Monster Mash, UFO, && Mingles.

This set came with:: Slumber Party, Disco White, && Shaded Orchid.

And this set came with:: Urban Trash, Bleeding Love, && Katie's Storm.
I also ordered another My Pretty Pink Sample Bag.
And will be recieving another GDE Mineral Shadow.
So I will be up to 11!!!

I was overly excited when I saw my Marc Jacobs Lola!!!

Urban Decay Box Of Potions, 24/7 Super Stash, And De-slick Mattifying Powder.
I also got the Surreal Mineral Powder Foundation,
But I wanted the Cream To Powder Foundation More,
So I'm returning it for that.

Miss Dior Cherie Mini Bottle, Sephora Brand Primer Sample, Jack Black Facial Cleanser Sample, Hanae Mori Perfume Sample.

They also got me a bunch of packages of Facial Cleansing Cloths,
Which I seriusly needed!!

Then these were stocking gifts to keep in my makeup bag.

I finally got the Konad Nail System.
I was sooo excited when I opened this.

Nail Polish Remover Bottle, White, Gold And Black Special Konad Nail Polishes.

Image Plates:: M45, M56, M57, M59, M62

OPI Polish I got today from the Beauty Supply store in Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees.

My MAC CCO Purchase last week,
My backup Heatherette Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl.

Frost Lipstick in Intricate from Love Lace.
Dazzleglass in She-Zam from the Holiday Collection.
And Lipglass in Utterly Discrete.

Yes, Your eyes are NOT tricking you.
My mother found the Kitty Couture Pressed Powder Compact!!!!
I started crying when I saw this.
I was NOT expecting this at all!!!
Stay put for the new part of my Christmas.
Clothing and Accesories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Drunken Christmas Tree Strikes AGIAN!!!

For those who were wondering.
This is MY personal Christmas Tree.
NOT the family Christmas Tree.
That was STILL isn't up yet.

And is anyone wondering WHY it's the Drunken Christmas Tree??
Because me and my good friend Roland the year I got it desided to put it up drunkenly.
And it stayed lopsided for quite sometime.
So it has FOREVER been known as the Drunken Christmas Tree.

I love my retro chic light bulbs that we got at Target on Clearance.
And my Neon Green Stars and Balls.
Along with my newest addition.
An early Christmas present from my mother.
5 Hello Kitty Ornimants.
Which are all hand made blown glass.
There pretty nifty actually.
I'm just afraid the Betsey will attack the tree.
And knock it over in the night by accident.

I don't care that my tree is looking a bit dead.
And drunken.
It's my pride and it makes me happy to know that I have my own little piece of Christmas in my room.
It's one of my favorite thing's about the hoildays.
And infact I love that it's not completely straight.
It gives it sass.
And orginallity.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wishlist

I know that this is a long list.
But I couldn't resist.
I have been waiting a long time to get a bunch of things.
And Christmas couldn't have come at a better time!!!

Marc Jacobs Lola,
Juicy Coutures Viva La Juicy.

Urban Decay::
Box Of Potions,
Super Stash 24/7 Liners,
Cream to Powder Foundation,
Surreal Powder Foundation,
De-slick Mattifying Powder,
Deluxe Eye Shadows [[ Freakshow // Frigid // Peace ]].

Pomagrante Makeup Remover Wipes,
Lemon Lip Scrub,
.34 oz. Primer.

Studio Line Brush Shampoo,
Stuido Line Brush Cleaner,
Stuido Line Mineral Infused Face Primer.

Shu Lashes.

Konad Nail System.

Happy Birthday Frank Zappa!!!

“Remember, information is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom; wisdom is not truth; truth is not beauty; beauty is not love; love is not music; music is the best.”

Frank Zappa

Today is Frank Zappa's birthday.

"Some people you just look at and say "Man that's a really cool guy", Other's you look at and are like "Dude he's a total jerk off"

Edward Anastasio

Today is also my father's birthday.

We still havn't put up our Christmas tree.
We desided that we're going to use my mini Pink Metallic Glitter Tree.
Instead of the big huge white one we usually use.

I really hope my mother gives me the Hello Kitty orinaments for it early.
So that I can post picture's of my tree with them on it.

I'm kind of glad that we're using the little one.
Because there's no where to put it in my room anyway.

I remember the first year I got that tree.
It was the same year my uncle passed.
When I was a junior.
So 4 Christmas's ago.

Me and my friend Roland put it up.
And called it our "Drunken Christmas Tree".
It had Neon Green Ornaments.
It was pretty F'in pimping.

I miss those days.
We had a lot of fun that Christmas.
Despite the tragic months before.

I hope you're all having a safe and happy holiday.
And get lots of awesome pressies!!!
I'm going to do a post of my Christmas Wishlist soon.
It's mostly make-up.

Peace Love && Lipstick

Sunday, December 20, 2009


JordanMayTwigs Barbie??

So sorry I havn't Updated in awhile.
I've been spending most of my time up in the city.
And havn't had time to update anything.

Last night it snowed on the Jersey Shore.
It snowed up to my knees almost.
And some ass smashed into my mother's car in the middle of the night.
So now we're stuck here.

This are a few photo's of me and my brother.
And my father and I from my fathers birthday party Friday night.

Me and my brother goofing around in the studio.
At my dad's office.

Me and my father joking around drunk.
In the studio.

By the way did you notice my hair??
I finally posted a photo of me with my dreads!!!
There finally starting to take.
And I'm so happy.
Because there not sticking up completely anymore.

Hope you all are having a happy and safe holiday.
We're putting up our Christmas tree later on today.
Since we're not going to VA anymore.
So we don't have to worry about Betsey jumping on it.