Sunday, December 20, 2009


JordanMayTwigs Barbie??

So sorry I havn't Updated in awhile.
I've been spending most of my time up in the city.
And havn't had time to update anything.

Last night it snowed on the Jersey Shore.
It snowed up to my knees almost.
And some ass smashed into my mother's car in the middle of the night.
So now we're stuck here.

This are a few photo's of me and my brother.
And my father and I from my fathers birthday party Friday night.

Me and my brother goofing around in the studio.
At my dad's office.

Me and my father joking around drunk.
In the studio.

By the way did you notice my hair??
I finally posted a photo of me with my dreads!!!
There finally starting to take.
And I'm so happy.
Because there not sticking up completely anymore.

Hope you all are having a happy and safe holiday.
We're putting up our Christmas tree later on today.
Since we're not going to VA anymore.
So we don't have to worry about Betsey jumping on it.


  1. Great pics, lots of fun! Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. We still havn't put up the tree,
    Today's my dad's birthday.
    And our friend Tim's.

    My dad had to go find a new door for my moms car today.
    So we spent the day doing nothing.
    It was annoying really.
    Because I wanted to put the tree up.
    But I guess that wasn't going to happen.
    Maybe we'll do it tomorrow??