Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Haul Part 2 // Clothing && Accessories [[ ULTRA PIC HEAVY ]]

This is the second part of my 3 part Christmas Post.
I actually got more then what I have pictured.
I just happened to have worn the Extreme Skinny Black Jeans I got,
The Vampire Long Sleeve shirt,
And Brown Yoga Pants.

I got my Pink Leather!!!!!!!
I knew I had gotten it.
Because Betsey had knocked over the bag it was in while playing with the puppy.
And it fell out.

I finally bought myself a Maxi Dress.
I got this at Old Navy on Clearence.

The sparkling Black and Pink Tunic my really close friend Robbie got for me from his job!!
It's so cute and I can't wait to wear it more!!
The Cardi had bottles of perfume, lipstick, and compacts on it.
My mother saw it online and HAD to go buy it for me in the store.
And the Black Sequin Beanie is for NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!!!!
Because I got my Sequin Leggings to go with my Leopard Coat Dress.

The Zebra Print High Waisted Tutu-esc Skirt is so awesome.
I can twirl in it all day!!
The other high wasited skirt I actually bought myself at Marshells.
And then there's my Sequin leggings.

I also got Hello Kitty Socks.
But work them already.
And a Betsey Belt which I left at my boy friends parents house.
As well as my new Leopard Tights.
Because who doesn't need MORE animal print tights?!?!?

Like my new "House Slipper Boots"??
Mikey's mother bought them for me.
Since my feet get cold at his parents house.

I was not expecting these in the least either!!
I wanted a pair.
But havn't been able to find a pair that actually fit around my calves.
Since I'm so small.

The Bento Box Book Mikey got for me.
And the other one My mother got me to decorate my new room.

I got a Hello Kitty Stocking!!!!!!!!!!!!
It goes with my Hello Kitty Drunken Christmas Tree.

And last but not least.
I got a new pair of sunglasses.
These aren't fake Ray-bans.
There the real deal!!!

So all in all I got a lot of great new stuff.
That I really needed or wanted.

And I have one more part to this haul series.
It's my Beauty Fix // My Pretty Sample Bag Haul.
I just have to wait for them to get here!!!
[[ Hopefully today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]]

Peace Love && Lipstick


  1. Man, you sure got some sweet swag! It's all awesome. :)

  2. Heart that Maxi dress & the zebra-print skirt! Love your style ;P