Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Drunken Christmas Tree Strikes AGIAN!!!

For those who were wondering.
This is MY personal Christmas Tree.
NOT the family Christmas Tree.
That was STILL isn't up yet.

And is anyone wondering WHY it's the Drunken Christmas Tree??
Because me and my good friend Roland the year I got it desided to put it up drunkenly.
And it stayed lopsided for quite sometime.
So it has FOREVER been known as the Drunken Christmas Tree.

I love my retro chic light bulbs that we got at Target on Clearance.
And my Neon Green Stars and Balls.
Along with my newest addition.
An early Christmas present from my mother.
5 Hello Kitty Ornimants.
Which are all hand made blown glass.
There pretty nifty actually.
I'm just afraid the Betsey will attack the tree.
And knock it over in the night by accident.

I don't care that my tree is looking a bit dead.
And drunken.
It's my pride and it makes me happy to know that I have my own little piece of Christmas in my room.
It's one of my favorite thing's about the hoildays.
And infact I love that it's not completely straight.
It gives it sass.
And orginallity.

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