Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I <3 Summer!!!!

Me and Summer did a swap a few weeks ago.
After I saw her Anna Sui Look Alike Vanity Tray && Brush Holder.
I've been looking for a Anna Sui Look Alike Vanity Tray && Brush Holder FOR MONTHS.
To go along with my Anna Sui Look Alike Vanity Mirror.

The top of the box.
Look at how big it is!!!

SHE WRAPPED IT IN HELLO KITTY WRAPPING PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My vanity tray.
Brush holder.
And Biore Samples.

THANK YOU SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love everything.
I will be posting a picture of my new vanity set up shortly.
Once I figure out where I want to put everything!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Oh and also.
I'm going to be going to Red Bank tomorrow morning // afternoon.
To go apply at this Vegan Place which just REOPENED!!!
And a clothing store.

Then I think me and my friend Matt are going shopping for him.
No shopping for me. :(
He needs to get new cloths for his gigs.
[[ He plays guitar. ]]

Monday, October 5, 2009

BeautyFix.Com Haul

Every 3 months I get a package from BeautyFix.com.
Filled with AMAZING FULL SIZED products.
I am sorry to say it My Pretty Pink Box but Beauty Fix TOTALLY takes the cake on better products.
It's about $50.00.
So $200.00 a year.
For OVER $200.00 worth of product EACH TIME.

Last time I only used SOME of the products.
But this time I think I'm going to end up using ALL of the products.
I got GREAT products this time.
Everything from Raw Minerals Eye Shadow Trio.
[[ Which I've been eyeing on Glow.com since I got my Raw Minerals Fondation Set in Febuary. ]]
To ME! Bath "Ice Cream Scoops", 8 FL. OZ. Bottles of "Icing" && Shower Gel.
[[ Which I have ALSO been eyeing since I got my "SORBET" in the beginning of the Summer. ]]

Enough typing here's what I got!!!

RAW Minerals Eye Shadow Trio in :: Tuscany
Frais Hand Sanatizer with Ginger,Tangerine,Lemon,Myrtle,Naiouli,Orange,Basil,Grapefruit,&& Cardamom.

Bella Bronze Face Self Tanner. I have the Bella Bronze Tan Enhancer from the beginning of the Summer which I love!!
Johnathan Finishing Shine Gloss. I have the Full Sized Hair Spray which I got at in March.
Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel. THIS COST $80.00!!!

Canyon Ranch Protect UVA // UVB SPF 30 Facial Moisturizer!!
Coola SPF 30 TotalBody Organic Moisturzing Suncare.
Chella Enzyme Exfoliating Crema Mask.
3 LAB PERFECT Cleansing Foam.

ME! Bath Strawberry Kiwi Body Wash!!!!!
ME! Bath Papaya Nectar Body Icing!!!
ME! Bath Bath Ice Cream Scoop!!!
I already have the ME! Bath Pomagrante Sorbet.

If anyone wants a reveiw on anything leave a comment below.
And I will do a review on it!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I collect things. Part 1. <3

I love Japanese culture.
Even more so I love Japanese Food.
A lot of it can be Vegan.
Which works out great for me.
Since I'm a long time Vegan.
[[ 7-8 years now. ]]

I figured I would do a post of my Bento Box collection.
I know it's Small.
But I'm only one person.
And I don't need to make multiple Bento boxes for my whole family.
It's just me!!!

I have a 2-Tier Bento Box from Japan by PuttiFresh,
Which I used every day when I was still in Cosmotology School.

I have a Hello Kitty Snack Bento.
Which I also used when I was in School still.

I recently got the Teal one with the Dinosaurs on it.
From Borders.
It's by PaperChase.
One of my FAVORITE companies.
Such kawaii things!!

Then I just have a Fit && Fresh one,
Which is for larger sandwichs.

This is some of my Kawaii Hello Kitty things.
Some are from Japan,
Others are from Target,
Others are from Hong Kong.

Then this is my Hello Kitty Printed Lunch Bag Sets.
And Sandwhich container.
Plus Hello Kitty Ice Pack.
I love it because it's got Pink gel in it!!

I'm going to start making my Bento boxes agian.
I just never go anywhere that I really need to bring food with me.
Other than when I go to the city.
But that's it.

Peace Love && Lipstick

The Great Debate.

The Great debate is always what to do with my hair next!?!?

I'm thinnking about dreading it.
And just letting it grow in at different lengths and dreading them as they get longer and longer.
I know that a lot of people think that dreads are dirty and what have you.
But that's really only if you don't take care of them properly.

Here are a few photo's of my hair styles && Colors over the past few years.
I like to call it Personality Crisis::

Stella Was A Diver, And She Was Always Down.

Currently Inspiring::

Patti Smith,
joe Strummer,
Jason Webley,
Jimi Hendrix,
Todd Rundgren,
Jeff Lang,
Smashing Pumkins.

Dread Locks,
Glass Beads,
Mixed Medium Artwork,
Fresh Ink,
Red // Yellow // Orange leaves changing.
Fading Photographs.

Sequined Leggings,
Crushed Velvet Multi Panel Mini Dresses,
My Mui Mui Heels,
My BCBG Max Azria Lace Party Dress,
Old Bandana's Wrapped Around Vintage Boots,
Tye Dye Fitted T-Shirts,
Worn In Black Skinnys,
Betsey Johnson Cocktail Dresses.

Here's the photo of "The Key To My Heart".
We did it last night at our girl V's House.
You can't see it now but the ribbon is actually pink.

Friday, October 2, 2009

LipGloss Swap!!!!! && Update<3

Thanks to a lovely reader Lise
I found this awesome idea!!!!

I've done many swaps before on MakeupAlley.com.
And enjoy it VERY much so.
I've recently had to cut down on my Swapping though.
Due to personal reasons.
But once those are all figured out I will be swapping agian like no bodies business!!!

Here are the rules & regulations:
The LGS (lip gloss swap) will be open for entries until October 15th! This gives us a good two weeks to spread the word & get plenty of swappers involved! Please use the banner @ the bottom of this entry to link this post on your blog!

1. If you would like to participate - please comment on this post with your e-mail address. Please - US Mailing addresses only! I will contact everyone once the deadline for entries has ended & send you your partner's e-mail address so you can exchange mailing information. Please be sure that you actively check your e-mail!
2. If you leave me your e-mail address, you are agreeing to participate in the swap! You are taking responsibility, so please be sure you are able to FULLY PARTICIPATE!
3. Lip Glosses should be in a price range of $5 - $15.. Whether or not you choose to get your partner a 'set of glosses' is up to you - but let's not cheap out and send a Lip Smacker, eh? Try and find a unique brand! Buy your partner something really fun :o)
4. Please be sure to put your gloss in the mail between October 20th & October 25th. This way, we will all be receiving our glosses at the same time & will know when to expect them! If you want to discuss mailing dates with your partner once you have each others emails.. that would be great, too!!
5. Finally, be sure to post an entry on your new present once you have received it! We will all be able to see the different kinds of glosses that were sent out! IT'S GONNA BE EXCITING! :D

Go to www.unnecessarydrama.net to join!!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Update Time::
Yesterday was my one month with Mikey.
So as his gift to me he's going to tattoo the key to my heart on my right side of my chest.
Yes I'm addicted to tattoos.
I am aware.
I'm stoppig at like 10.
Or maybe just a FEW MORE.

I'll be posting picture's of it once it's done.
And picture's of my thigh once she's done as well.