Friday, April 30, 2010

Reva's Summer Bliss Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone I've got another giveaway alert.
This time it's for my girlie Reva!!!!

She's a great gal.
Which kick ass style for sure.

Here's how to enter and the prizes::


A little something for everyone !
1. Current followers: 1 pt.
2. Stop by and tell me what you love about Summer: 1 pt.
3. Put this give-away in a post with a link: 5 pts.
4. Post to your side-bar w/link : 5 pts.
5. Become a follower of this blog : 6 pts.

Give-Away starts this Friday and ends May 9th.
* A Custom T shirt with your blog title on it !
*A hoot-owl Tote Bag from Claire's Boutique
* A white distressed belt for summer.
* Nail Polish in 'Under the Sea' turquoise.
* A Vintage inspired bandana/kerchief.
*Turquoise floral earrings to match your new polish.
* Boho inspired Earrings from Claire's.
* Gold-tone puffy-heart dangle earrings.
* Super - long dangle Boho earrings.
* Necklace with clear plastic baubles on a chain.
* A special Surprise gift from Forever 21 !

Good luck everyone!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures In Thrifting:: Part 2

After work yesterday I went to pick up my things that were on hold at the WCS Thrift Store.
Those ladies were so nice.
I will definately be back in there.

I bought another slip.
I don't know what it is about slips.
They always tend to catch my eye.

I ffinally found a pair of ankle boots.
I only paid $7.00 for these!!
What a score!!

I also bought a silk scarf for $2.00.
I love this one.

I didn't get the belt.
Because I just wasn't feeling it afterwards.

I have desided that I'm going to buy myself a netbook for my birthday.
And a replica Balenciaga Handbag.
I know that it goes agianst my new rule.
But I desided that I was going to get it before the rule.
So it's still fair.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy Day Photoshoot.

Cropped Cardigan:: .L.E.I.//Clearence [[ Walmart ]]
Lace Top:: Forever 21//Thrifted [[ Back To The Racks ]]
Tank Top:: Hollister//Thrifted [[ Back To The Racks ]]
Skirt:: A&F//Thrifted [[ Back To The Racks ]]
Cropped Leggings:: No Boundries//Clearence [[ Walmart ]]
Jazz Flats:: American Eagle//Clearence [[ Payless ]]
Sea Horse Necklace:: Betsey Johnson//Gifted [[ Macy's ]]
Flower Head Piece:: I made myself.

Adventure's In Thrifting:: Part 1.

I had the day off today.
So I desided to go thrifting.
I went to two different stores.
One is a thift store at the church down the street from my parents house.
The other is the Women & Childrens Services Thrift Shop.

I first went to the thrift store at the church.

I purchased this half slip to dye and silk screen something on.
And for only .50 it's worth it!!

I also got this silk && chiffon nightie romper for .50
I'm going to dye it a dusty rose color I think.

And for $1.00 I purchsed this silk Asian dress.

Then I went to the CFS Thrift Store.
And put a floral silk scarf,
A pair of Toffee Ankle Boots,
A medium brown belt with silver hardware,
And a grey lace && silk night slip,
On hold.
I rode my bike over there.
And forgot to bring my basket for my bike.
So I'm going to go back tomorrow after work and pick everything up.

I also think I found my party dress.
It's a white floral dress.
With bright water colored flowers on it.

Anyone done any good thrifting lately??


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Inspired DIY Jewery Box.

I woke up early this morning.
Saw it was gross out.
And desided to clean out under my bed.
I found a shadow box I forgot I had.

I thought to myself this would make a GREAT vintage inspired jewelry box.
So I got started.

Unfinished Shadow Box.
Paint Brushes.
Fabric Glue.
Pages of a book.

Step 1:
Paint your shadow box a vintage-ish color.
Mine had been previously painted lavender.
So I kept the front lavender.
And painted the rest a "Dusty Blue".

Step 2::
Glue the pages of the book inside the shadow box.
As well as on the glass on the top.

Step 3::
Measure and cut carboard to fit into the shadow box.
To make different sized sections.

Step 4::
Cover each piece of cardboard in vintage or vintage inspired fabric.

Step 5::
Glue the pieces of cardboard together agian.
Creating seperate sections for different sized jewelry.

Step 6::
After everything is dried you can place your jewelry in your new vintage inspired jewelery box!!!

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

It's rainning out.

Which means I can't go for my walk.
I can't go get my morning third cup of coffee.
And I can't go to the Flea Market.

I will most likely stay inside and look through websites for the perfect birthday presents today.
I need to make a list of what I want for my birthday soon.
The big 2-1 is ALMOST HERE.

I will leave you with a few of my favorite photo's.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lay-Away At The Consignment Shop??

I went on a bike ride this afternoon.
So I went to the consignment shop to see how much I had made.
And found out that they've got lay-away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Betseyville bag was still there.
So I snatched that up.

I also found a brand new pair of A&F Distressed Jeans that fit me perfectly.
I needed to find a new pair since my thrifted Hollister Distressed Jeans are in MAJOR distress.
And need to be retired.
After 6 years of wearing them none stop I think it's .O.K. to stop wearing them.
I'm thinking of making a purse out of them.
So I can still have them with me.

I was looking for work pants.
But couldn't find any that fit right.

Or work shirts.
I hate being so small sometimes.

My mother did offer to buy me some pants last night.
So we went to the outlets.
Where I went to Rue21 and got two pairs of plain black dress pants.

We also went to BCBG Max Azria.
I tried on dresses for a friends wedding in July.
I didn't get anything.
We were just looking for ideas.

Now I'm just relaxing for the rest of the day.
Since we didn't go to the record store Vintage Vinyl today.

Maybe we'll go to the flea market tomorrow.
Depending on how nice it is out.
It looks like it wants to rain right now.
I'm so glad I got home before it started!!

Any good plans for the weekend??


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorites:: The Earth Day Edition.

Everyday should be Earth Day!!!

These are some of my favorites this month,
Which just happen to be Eco-Friendly!!

Green Craft
Hair Care::
Ojon Thickening Spray
Ojon Hair Putty
Johnathan Vegan Spray
Skindinivia Setting Spray
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascare [[ Which I need to get a new one of ]]
RAW Naturals Mineral Fondations
RAW Naturals Mineral Active Viel SPF 18
Burt's Bees Lipblam

Body Care::
Burt's Bees Hand Sanatizer Spray
SPA Rituals Ginger Orange Hand Lotion
Kiss My Face Lavender Shea Shave Cream
Burt's Bees Hand Salve
LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream
Kiss My Face Oil Free Moisturizer
LUSH Tea Tree Toner
Nature's Gate Spring Fresh Deoderant

What are your fav. Eco-Friendly Products??


NYX Bundle Of Joy SALE. ++++ First Day Of Work

Good ole NYX.
There having there promo agian.
This time it's the "Bundle Of Joy" Sale.
It's sadly only to the .U.S.
Otherwise shipping would be INSANE!!!

I want to get the lashes bundle.
And the lipstick bundle.
But I've got to wait till my check get's here.
Shipping is going to be a bit steep at $11.31 USD.
But I guess it's worth it for 23 sets of lashes,
And 33 lipsticks.
I just don't know where I would put all that stuff right now.
I just reorganized my makeup collection.
And still BARELY have room for what I've got.

Onto the boring stuff.
I started my new job today at Kmart.
Yeah I know.
But it's a job people!!

I ended up breaking my belt this morning.
And had to find a new one as soon as I got to work.
Thankfully I found a small enough one.
For only $1.00 USD!!!

I'd say that it's .O.K. to buy new things as long as there on super clearence.
I'd show you all a picture but it's just a basic black belt.

Uniform is boring.
White collar shirt,
Black dress pants,
Black flats.
And our name tags.

I had to take out my nose ring and monroe piercings.
But the sales manager said I could put a tiny stud in my nose.

Today we just watched horrific 1980's tapes on work safety and stuff like that.
I was enjoying the music though.
All in all today wasn't too bad.
I've got to go back in tomorrow at 11:00 .A.M. till whenever.
Most likely till 5:00 .P.M.

After work tomorrow my mother wants to bring me out to dinner and shopping.
We'll see what happens though.


Finally New Shampoo && Conditioner +++ Consignment Shop Adventures.

I finally got new shampoo and conditioner.
It wasn't exactly the one I wanted.
But the price was reasonable.
And it's a pretty decent product from what I've tried thus far.
It's a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
Which hasn't made my hair heavy.
Or effected my color.
[[ YET ]]

I also brought some stuff to a consignment shop in my town.
When I went I saw a Betseyville bag I wanted.
But it was $38.00.
And I wasn't paying that at a consignment shop.

We went back today to bring more stuff.
[[ Yes I'm getting rid of a lot of my unneeded clothing!! ]]
And it was still there.
Still $38.00.

I'm going to go back this weekend.
Bring more stuff.
Check my balance.
And see how much it would be with my balance.
Let's hope it's still there when I go back!!
It's in PERFECT condition.
It seems to have never been used.
But I still refuse to pay that much for a bag at a consignment shop.
I'm sorry.

I own 3 Betseyville bags.
All of which I paid less then $25.00 for at RETAIL stores.
There is NO WAY I'm paying $38.00 at a CONSIGNMENT shop.

Anyway enough of that.
I think I'm going to start thrifting and swapping for all my cloths from now on.
There's not much reason for buying new things.
It's better for the enviroment.
And sure as hell better for my damn wallet.

So yeah that's my rant for the night.
Hope all are well.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Kick Ass Giveaway Alert!!

So I love Ruche,
A website with lots of Vintage inspired pieces.
Which is just my thing.

Well the lovely Giovanni of Boho Market is hosting a $25.00 gift certificate giveaway sponsered by Ruche!!
Just click the link above.
And follow the instructions.
As easy as that.

And good luck everyone!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

DIY Project:: Cheap Monday Patchwork Jeans.

Cheap Monday Patchwork Jeans :: $85.00 at

Skinny Jeans.
Fabric Scraps.
Embroidery Thread.
Large Needle.

Map out the scraps of fabric on the leg of the jeans.
Using various sizes overlap the patches.
Sew on a piece at a time.
Alternating thread colors.
Do as many or as little as you want.

Finished Product.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

My New Favorite Site!!!

I found this website through my new favorite blogger Nikki.
Check her out if you havn't already.
She's got a great giveaway going on right now!!

Anyways this website is like Haute Look.
It's called Rue La La.
Right now they've got Earnst Sewn jeans on sale for $69.00 - $79.00!!
How kick ass is that??

They've got sales just like Haute Look.
Where they are only on sale for a short time.
So you should go check it out like RIGHT NOW!!!

Hope all is well with everyone.


Giveaway Alert!!!

I found this blog today.
Thanks to one of my lovely readers.

This girl has got some killer style.
And is giving away a killer prize!!

Want a closer look??

Break down of everything included::
♥ Rimmel Trio E/S (Lynx)
♥ Sally Girl E/S Quad (Dream Boat)
♥ Forever 21 Love&Beauty E/S
♥ Revlon Matte Lipstick (Pink About It)
♥ ELF lipgloss (Miami)
♥ Sally Girl Lipgloss (Curfew)
♥ Bath&Body PocketBac (Midnight Pomegranate)
♥ Sinful Colors Nail Polish (Secret Admirer)
♥ NYC Nail Polish (Love Letters)
♥ 6 Cranky Girlz Single E/S
♥ Simple Pleasures Body Lotion (Amaryllis)
♥ Simple Pleasures Shower Gel (Scarlet Begonia)
♥ Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Double Body Mist (Slice of Heaven)
♥ Victoria Secret Body Butter (Sweet Daydream)
♥ 5 Crest White Strips
♥ 2 Skin79 BB Cream Samples
♥ Giovanni Sanitizing Towelettes (Grapefruit Splash)
♥ ELF Mineral Lipstick (Natural Nymph) --not included in pic

(a must, to enter this giveaway)
(please include the link)
(add your user name)
(add your user name)

Good luck everyone!!!


Inspiration Photos..

Here are the inspiration for my new hair cut.
Which yes I did myself.

And now some wonky photos of my hair.
Please remember that it is early.
And I have no makeup on.

It's actually redder then it looks in the photos.
But for some reason my camera is a piece of crap.
And is showing it as dark brown.