Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventure's In Thrifting:: Part 1.

I had the day off today.
So I desided to go thrifting.
I went to two different stores.
One is a thift store at the church down the street from my parents house.
The other is the Women & Childrens Services Thrift Shop.

I first went to the thrift store at the church.

I purchased this half slip to dye and silk screen something on.
And for only .50 it's worth it!!

I also got this silk && chiffon nightie romper for .50
I'm going to dye it a dusty rose color I think.

And for $1.00 I purchsed this silk Asian dress.

Then I went to the CFS Thrift Store.
And put a floral silk scarf,
A pair of Toffee Ankle Boots,
A medium brown belt with silver hardware,
And a grey lace && silk night slip,
On hold.
I rode my bike over there.
And forgot to bring my basket for my bike.
So I'm going to go back tomorrow after work and pick everything up.

I also think I found my party dress.
It's a white floral dress.
With bright water colored flowers on it.

Anyone done any good thrifting lately??


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  1. Hi, just found your blog, I have to show you my slip skirt. it is so great, I will try to remember to post it tomorrow. Come check my blog out!