Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Inspired DIY Jewery Box.

I woke up early this morning.
Saw it was gross out.
And desided to clean out under my bed.
I found a shadow box I forgot I had.

I thought to myself this would make a GREAT vintage inspired jewelry box.
So I got started.

Unfinished Shadow Box.
Paint Brushes.
Fabric Glue.
Pages of a book.

Step 1:
Paint your shadow box a vintage-ish color.
Mine had been previously painted lavender.
So I kept the front lavender.
And painted the rest a "Dusty Blue".

Step 2::
Glue the pages of the book inside the shadow box.
As well as on the glass on the top.

Step 3::
Measure and cut carboard to fit into the shadow box.
To make different sized sections.

Step 4::
Cover each piece of cardboard in vintage or vintage inspired fabric.

Step 5::
Glue the pieces of cardboard together agian.
Creating seperate sections for different sized jewelry.

Step 6::
After everything is dried you can place your jewelry in your new vintage inspired jewelery box!!!