Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally New Shampoo && Conditioner +++ Consignment Shop Adventures.

I finally got new shampoo and conditioner.
It wasn't exactly the one I wanted.
But the price was reasonable.
And it's a pretty decent product from what I've tried thus far.
It's a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
Which hasn't made my hair heavy.
Or effected my color.
[[ YET ]]

I also brought some stuff to a consignment shop in my town.
When I went I saw a Betseyville bag I wanted.
But it was $38.00.
And I wasn't paying that at a consignment shop.

We went back today to bring more stuff.
[[ Yes I'm getting rid of a lot of my unneeded clothing!! ]]
And it was still there.
Still $38.00.

I'm going to go back this weekend.
Bring more stuff.
Check my balance.
And see how much it would be with my balance.
Let's hope it's still there when I go back!!
It's in PERFECT condition.
It seems to have never been used.
But I still refuse to pay that much for a bag at a consignment shop.
I'm sorry.

I own 3 Betseyville bags.
All of which I paid less then $25.00 for at RETAIL stores.
There is NO WAY I'm paying $38.00 at a CONSIGNMENT shop.

Anyway enough of that.
I think I'm going to start thrifting and swapping for all my cloths from now on.
There's not much reason for buying new things.
It's better for the enviroment.
And sure as hell better for my damn wallet.

So yeah that's my rant for the night.
Hope all are well.


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