Friday, April 30, 2010

Reva's Summer Bliss Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone I've got another giveaway alert.
This time it's for my girlie Reva!!!!

She's a great gal.
Which kick ass style for sure.

Here's how to enter and the prizes::


A little something for everyone !
1. Current followers: 1 pt.
2. Stop by and tell me what you love about Summer: 1 pt.
3. Put this give-away in a post with a link: 5 pts.
4. Post to your side-bar w/link : 5 pts.
5. Become a follower of this blog : 6 pts.

Give-Away starts this Friday and ends May 9th.
* A Custom T shirt with your blog title on it !
*A hoot-owl Tote Bag from Claire's Boutique
* A white distressed belt for summer.
* Nail Polish in 'Under the Sea' turquoise.
* A Vintage inspired bandana/kerchief.
*Turquoise floral earrings to match your new polish.
* Boho inspired Earrings from Claire's.
* Gold-tone puffy-heart dangle earrings.
* Super - long dangle Boho earrings.
* Necklace with clear plastic baubles on a chain.
* A special Surprise gift from Forever 21 !

Good luck everyone!!!

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