Thursday, April 22, 2010

NYX Bundle Of Joy SALE. ++++ First Day Of Work

Good ole NYX.
There having there promo agian.
This time it's the "Bundle Of Joy" Sale.
It's sadly only to the .U.S.
Otherwise shipping would be INSANE!!!

I want to get the lashes bundle.
And the lipstick bundle.
But I've got to wait till my check get's here.
Shipping is going to be a bit steep at $11.31 USD.
But I guess it's worth it for 23 sets of lashes,
And 33 lipsticks.
I just don't know where I would put all that stuff right now.
I just reorganized my makeup collection.
And still BARELY have room for what I've got.

Onto the boring stuff.
I started my new job today at Kmart.
Yeah I know.
But it's a job people!!

I ended up breaking my belt this morning.
And had to find a new one as soon as I got to work.
Thankfully I found a small enough one.
For only $1.00 USD!!!

I'd say that it's .O.K. to buy new things as long as there on super clearence.
I'd show you all a picture but it's just a basic black belt.

Uniform is boring.
White collar shirt,
Black dress pants,
Black flats.
And our name tags.

I had to take out my nose ring and monroe piercings.
But the sales manager said I could put a tiny stud in my nose.

Today we just watched horrific 1980's tapes on work safety and stuff like that.
I was enjoying the music though.
All in all today wasn't too bad.
I've got to go back in tomorrow at 11:00 .A.M. till whenever.
Most likely till 5:00 .P.M.

After work tomorrow my mother wants to bring me out to dinner and shopping.
We'll see what happens though.


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  1. Hey cutie!!! I have finally made it to the back of my closet. Whew! Do u want a pair of my vintage cut-off? if not, let me know-The smallest is sz.30". I will be sending photos next week of tops u might like. Also, when is the give-away I posted? Is it over? Love, Reva :)