Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy Day Photoshoot.

Cropped Cardigan:: .L.E.I.//Clearence [[ Walmart ]]
Lace Top:: Forever 21//Thrifted [[ Back To The Racks ]]
Tank Top:: Hollister//Thrifted [[ Back To The Racks ]]
Skirt:: A&F//Thrifted [[ Back To The Racks ]]
Cropped Leggings:: No Boundries//Clearence [[ Walmart ]]
Jazz Flats:: American Eagle//Clearence [[ Payless ]]
Sea Horse Necklace:: Betsey Johnson//Gifted [[ Macy's ]]
Flower Head Piece:: I made myself.

1 comment:

  1. Love 2,7 9 & 14!!! They are all beautiful, but those are my favorites. So pretty and I love your headband!!!!!! Also, like the vinyl :) I will be posting my give-a-way on friday. You will automatically be entered for following me, then if u post it on your side-bar u get way more entries!
    I'll let u know! You are such a sweetie and a beautiful model! I lovey love the flats and the way u styled your skirt. Very cool ! I haven't gotten to photo stuff yet, but i am saving a pair of cut-offs for ya!