Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alice Has Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYA :)

I have to say I really do love my daddy!!
He ordered me the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows Friday.
When they were going on sale through phone order at 1-877-SEPHORA
They are no longer avaible for purchase on the UrbanDecay.com site.
Or through 1-877-SEPHORA.
They will be in store the first week of Feb though.
So look out for them.
Prices vary due to taxes.
With New Jersey tax it was $55.65 USD.

The colors are all renamed from the Disney Film Alice In Wonderland.
Which include::
Underland [[ Flash ]]
Alice [[ Pain Killer ]]
Oraculum [[ Baked ]]
Queen [[ Last Call ]]
Chessur [[ Chopper ]]
White Rabbit [[ Polyester Bride ]]
Wonderland [[ Maui Wowie ]]
Curiouser [[Grifter ]]
Muchness [[ X ]]
Mushrooom [[ Mushroom ]]
Midnight Tea Party [[ Midnight Cowboy Rides Agian ]]
Vorpal [[ S&M ]]
Absolem [[ Homegrown ]]
Drink me , Eat Me [[ Sin ]]
Mad Hatter [[ Twice Baked ]]
Jabberwocky [[ Oil Slick ]]

All of which you can find in the Show Pony Palette, Book Of Shadows Volume 1 & 2, Or The Ammo Palette.
So there aren't any new shadows.
But it's still nice to have them all in one special edition palette.
Plus I'm a HUGE Alice's Adventures In Wonderland // Through The Looking Glass fan.
So this made me REALLY happy.

I was a bit bummed when I didn't get it from UrbanDecay.com.
Because they were also giving away two FREE Big Fatty Colored Mascaras of your choice with your order.
But I guess it's better I didn't because I've got too many as it is.
Even though they would have been nice to have that extra.

I'm just happy I've got it!!!

Next Post::
My Lippie Collection // Storage for Blair.

Hope you're all having a great week!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Monday, January 25, 2010

CherryCulture.com && My Pretty Sample Bag Goodies!!

I got my CherryCulture.com NYX Lippies today!!!!!!!!!!
I tried to do swatches of them.
But my camera is a piece of poop.

I got two.
One In Tea Rose.
Which reminds me a bit of MAC's Way To Love from the Rose Romance Collection.
It's a Midtoned Matte Pink.
With a little bit of shimmer in it.

I also recieved my last free My Pretty Sample Baggie!!
If you guys havn't heard of this AWESOME deal yet totally check it out.

I love this idea.
It's the same idea as the My Pretty Pink Box.
Only you pick your samples!!!
You get five in all!!

My choices this time around were::
Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow.
[[ Now up to 11 different colors!!! ]]
Purus Shaliner Sample.
Orglamix Eye Shadow.
Lue Cosmetics Blush Sample.
Affordable Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow Sample.

They were having a 2 for 1 sample bag sale.
But I didn't post my reveiw in time.

Oh well!!!
I still love there products.
And you should definately check it out.

I'm a little excited can't you tell!??!?

Peace Love && Lipstick

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I Am Better Then You!!

I wasn't going to write another post today.
Because my packages didn't come yet.

BUT I did order the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows Palette from Sephora this afternoon.
That is NOT why I am better then you.

This isn't directed towards anyone of my blogger friends.
Nor is it towards my readers.
This is towards some stupid bitchy writer with a stick up her ass.


Please oh please read this article and tell me what you all think!!
I would LOVE to hear your views on why this woman is so angery towards fashion.

I love how she honestly goes through the entire article and doesn't truely reveal why she hates fashion.
Until the VERY LAST paragraph.
Lack of self control.

.O.K. maybe I'm not one to talk.
I'm 5'5 94 pounds.
Am I annorexic??
Am I underweight?
But am I healthy??
Of course!!

But I hate hate hate when FAT PEOPLE blame there own lack of self control on other people.
Even more so when your horrifficly obese.
Just shut up and stop it damnit!!

I mean seriusly people.
You can't read this article and not see it.
She goes through the entire article complaining and bitching about skinny girls.
Not out front.
Because that would be wrong wouldn't it??
But between the lines.
She is totally bashing young skinny girls who are happy with wanting to look cute and unique and pretty.
Is it wrong of us to want to express ourselfs??
When we live in a world where we are constantly being put down??
So what if YOUR not happy with yourself?!?!
If I weren't happy with my self image I would change it.

And she must really hate me.
Since I choose to become a cosmotologist.
Instead of going to a university.

I'm the devil really.
Just thought I'd let you all know that.
I'm in the fashion industry.
I'm a makeup artist,
Hair Stylist,
Fashion Designer.


Everyone have a great weekend.
I feel better now that I got that out of my system.
[[ This is why I love having a blog. ]]
And please read that article.
Tell me what you think!!
Even if you disagree with me.
Please tell me why.

Peace Love && Lipstick

Sephora && Lush Goodies ++++

I love Lush!!
But never buy it because I've got so many soaps I havn't used yet.
That I find it pointless to buy more soap when I havn't used what I've got yet.

So this may not look familiar.
Because it was just released yesterday.
I don't remember what it was called.

But it's a Shroomy shaped bubble bar.
And is scented with Strawberry && Vanilla.

I've never used a bubble bar before to be honest.
I've used there bathbombs before.
But never the bubble bars.
We'll see how that works out!!

I also went to Sephora.
To exchange an Urban Decay Fondation I desided I didn't want.
And got my first ever Illamasqua intense lipgloss in FIERCE.
It's this gorgeous purple.
I can't wait to try it!!!

I also got a pair of Sephora brand lashes.
Because who doesn't love sparkling lashes?!??!

Also awaiting in the mail is my CherryCulture.com purchase.
Which will be MORE NYX Round Lipsticks.

I know I know.
I think I've become addicted!!

As well as my third free My Pretty Sample Bag.
Maybe they'll come today!??!
The post man still hasn't come yet.
So I might be doing two blog posts in one day!!

Uncoming Blog Posts::
Reader Request from Blair:: my lipstick Collection and Storage.
Reveiw:: LUSH Mushroom Bubble Bar
Reveiw:: Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Fierce
Reveiw:: Glamour Doll Eyes Mineral Shadows.

If anyone would like a reveiw on anything else please just let me know in the comments.
And I will gladly reveiw it for you!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Giveaway:: He Qi Crystal Designs 300 Follower Giveaway

The wonderful Lisa from He Qi Crystal Designs is hosting a giveaway!!!
I love her jewelry.
Although I havn't gotten the chance to order anything from her yet.
I have been eyeing up a few of her pieces every once in awhile.

I'm also super amped up that she desided to go for an Eco-Friendly Brand as the company for which she would select the prizes.
I personally love the Physicians Formula's Organic Wear Products.
And have quite a few products from this line already.

So here's the prizes and rules!!

Good luck everyone!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Prize Pack includes:
1. HQCD Signature Necklace, 20 inches. With sterling silver key charm, SWAROVSKI Hearts, on a sterling silver heart chain. $33 value!
2. Physicians Formula's Organic Wear: Natural Origin Concealer Stick
3. Physicians Formula's Organic Wear: Natural Origin Eye Shadow Duo (pink/brown)
4. Physicians Formula's Organic Wear Natural Origin Blush
5. Valentine's Day lollipops! :D (not pictured!)

Rules of Entry:
- You must be at least 18 years of age, or have parental consent
- Open to residents world wide
- Giveaway begins on January 19, 2010, and ends on February 5th, 2010.
Winner will be randomly drawn by random.org after February 5th, 2010.

How to Enter:
- Be a follower of this blog. (You don't have to have a blog to follow!)
- Earn your first entry by leaving a COMMENT here with you name and email address. This is mandatory, so I know where to contact you!

- Earn (1) additional entry by spreading the word by blogging about it, tweeting, facebooking, myspacing, whatever. Make a separate comment with the link to your "spread the word" entry.
- Earn (1) additional entry by going to my SHOP and telling me which piece you're most likely to purchase. Please make this a separate comment!
- Earn an additional entry by LINKING to HQCD (either my blog or website) from your website with this image:

Review:: My Pretty Sample Bag

I've been meaning to do a blog review of My Pretty Sample Bag.
It's a pretty neat concept.
I mean you get to sample all sorts of Mineral Makeup && other natural based products.
Or at least those are the one's I've been trying.

A few weeks ago My Pretty Sample Bag was having a giveaway.
Where you won 3 FREE Regular Size My Pretty Sample Bags.

This time I got 5 Mineral Makeup samples.
I got a Lue Cosmetics Mineral Blush Sample in Crimson,
Affordable Mineral Makeup Pink to Blue Eye Shadow Sample,
Another Orglamix Mineral Eye Shadow in Passionfruit,
Another FULL SIZED Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow in Bare Naked,
And TWO FUL SIZED EveryDay Minerals Eyes Eye Shadows in Pic Nic,
Casual Friday.

I think my favorite ones so far are Glamour Doll Eyes,
And the Orglamix Shadows.

I havn't tried the other one's yet.
But I will be trying to do a look with them soon.
So keep an eye out for that blog.

In a side note.
Thank you for my new followers.
I really am touched by all your wonderful comments.
And the fact that I am interesting enough for you to want to follow me!!

Also today is me and Mikey's friend Stevens Birthday!!!
Unfortunely I won't get to see him :(
Even though he just came up from South Carolina.
He'll be here for only a week.

Then he's going back down south.
And then I'll be down there in a few weeks!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Richies Going Away Party Pictures.

Lacey and I think his name was Justin!??!?!

Me sitting on Josh while he's "trying" to do pushups.

Richie and Gracey stealing my cigarettes. :(

More of me and Kyle acting a mess.

Jay && Lyle Acting a mess...... At one point Lyle stole my camera and threw it across the room. Thankfully it didn't break :)

Me and Lauren, I havn't seen this girl in like a year.

Me and Kyle, Such a funny kid.

Richie the man of the party, Whose going away to Ausie!!!

Me and my boy Iggy, Friends since I was like 13.

I love Bobby!!!!! He's awesome.

As you can see I was SHAWASTED.

I couldn't help myself.
I had to.

These are pictures of me and random people I havn't seen in FOREVER.
There's only one photo of me in my outfit.
Where I'm sitting on some kid back while he was "doing pushups".

All in all I will miss Richie.
But I'm sure he'll have fun on his adventures in Ausie.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Richie's Going Away Party :(

These are my nails and makeup for my good friend Richie's going away party tonight.
I will have photo's of the actual party up tomorrow.

As right now I am waiting for Mikey to come get me.
So I can go get my drink on!!!

Nails:: OPI You Don't Know Jaques?
Makeup:: Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Volume 2.

If anyone would like a tutorial on how I did my makeup I will be more than happy to.
Just leave a comment and let me know. :)

Hope you all have a fab weekend so far.
Gotta go party my ass off!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Current Inspiration :: Controlled Chaos.......<3


My current inspiration is one of my good friends Becki Wilson.
These are photos of her from a photoshoot she did with CNQ Photography.

She is a totally down to earth rad chick.
Who I love dearly.

We spent our New Years Eve at Becki and her boy friends apartment in Brooklyn, NY.
There a blast to hang out with.
I wish I could post all the photos from that night.
But there just isnt enough room.

Me and Becki are hoping to do a photo shoot together sometime before I leave.
I think it would be a really great time.
And I am looking forward to it for sure.

Anyways hoping your all having a great weekend.
I spent most of my time home this weekend so far since I've got a sore throat.

Peace Love && Lipstick

Friday, January 15, 2010

BeautyFix.com // Ulta Haul.

First Hauls of the New Year!!!

First are my things from Ulta that I got today,
I wasn't going to get anything because I wanted to wait and get the OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection.
But they didn't have it.
So I desided to get some other things that were on sale instead.

I picked up two Booths products.
They were buy one get one free.
So I got the Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub.
And the Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask free.

I've been meaning to try both of these products for quite some time.
And since they were on sale I figured why not??

I did a slight comparison between the MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and the Booths Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask.
And the Booths one seems to be a great dupe for it.
Considering the price and amount that you get for it.
As well as the quality of the product.
And the results are close to if not the same.
But more on that in a later post. :)

While I was there I was looking for a new mascara to bring with me on my trip.
But didn't seem to find one that looked promising.

I did however find that they have NYX products at Ulta now!!!!!
So I picked up two Round Lipsticks.
One in Flower.
Which is a sparkling Medium to Hot Pink color.
With slight blue undertones.
The other in Indian Pink.
Which is a sparkling Coral Pink color.
With slight yellow undertones.

Next are the things I got from BeautyFix.com.
Not pictured is my Me Bath! Bath Bomb.
Because it broke in transit.
So I desided I better use it before it gets all over the place more!!!

This time around I got the Bella Bronze Sea Kelp && White Volcanics Scrub.
Which I've used already.
It works pretty well.
I have to say I prefer the Me Bath Shower Sorbet.
But this is a close second.

I also recieved another product from the Johnathan Salon Line.
This time I got the IB Revitalizer Overnight Oil Treatment Spray.
Which is an overnight restorative treatment for hair.
I haven't tried it yet.
But I'm looking forward to it.
All of the products I've tried from him so far have worked very well.
So here's to hoping this one works too!!

I got my first ColorScience product.
Which I am overwhelmed with excitment to try.
I must say I've been eyeing up there products since I started trying to use more of a green approach to my living.
This product is called Sunforgettable Micronized Mineral Sun Protection SPF 30.
What it is is a mineral sunscreen.
Because it's good to use sunscreen all year round!!!
We don't want to get skin cancer now do we?!?!

I got a lipstick from a line I've never heard of before now.
Called Julie Hewett Los Angeles.
Its from there Nior Collection.
So of course its a matte bright red.
Comparable to Russian Red from MAC.
I'm totally digging the Gold packaging though.
It's definately a beautiful design.
Reminds me of the old Hollywood glamour.
But that's what they were going for right?!?!

Then of course I got more RAWminerals Eye Shadows.
This set is in Sahara.
It comes with three colors.
And Spice.
I have to say I am a fan of these for them being so neutral.
And I'm not really a neutral kind of gal.
But when I need somethin nice and easy I have been grabbing my RAWminerals shadows.
So who knows??

As always if there is anything you would like to see a review on please leave a comment and I will do a reveiw for you as quickly as I can.

Peace Love && Lipstick

Monday, January 11, 2010

Late Happy New Years.

I know this is beyond late.
But happy new years everyone.
How did everyone spend there new years??

Me and Mikey went to Brooklyn to spend it with my friend Becki.
I have to say it was definately a great time.

Me and Becki at 4 AM before we all passed out.
We look so gone.
Probly because by this time we were.

My BeautyFix.com package came the other day.
I've still got to take photos of everything in it.
I'll be posting that soon.

In other news.
I won't be blogging for a few months.
Because I will be going on a road trip with my friend Chrissy.
All over the states.
And won't have regular access to the internet or a computer.
I wish my laptop had blue tooth.
So I could just hook it up to my black berry.
But I don't have that on this laptop :(

Peace Love && Lipstick