Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Richies Going Away Party Pictures.

Lacey and I think his name was Justin!??!?!

Me sitting on Josh while he's "trying" to do pushups.

Richie and Gracey stealing my cigarettes. :(

More of me and Kyle acting a mess.

Jay && Lyle Acting a mess...... At one point Lyle stole my camera and threw it across the room. Thankfully it didn't break :)

Me and Lauren, I havn't seen this girl in like a year.

Me and Kyle, Such a funny kid.

Richie the man of the party, Whose going away to Ausie!!!

Me and my boy Iggy, Friends since I was like 13.

I love Bobby!!!!! He's awesome.

As you can see I was SHAWASTED.

I couldn't help myself.
I had to.

These are pictures of me and random people I havn't seen in FOREVER.
There's only one photo of me in my outfit.
Where I'm sitting on some kid back while he was "doing pushups".

All in all I will miss Richie.
But I'm sure he'll have fun on his adventures in Ausie.

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