Sunday, January 17, 2010

Richie's Going Away Party :(

These are my nails and makeup for my good friend Richie's going away party tonight.
I will have photo's of the actual party up tomorrow.

As right now I am waiting for Mikey to come get me.
So I can go get my drink on!!!

Nails:: OPI You Don't Know Jaques?
Makeup:: Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Volume 2.

If anyone would like a tutorial on how I did my makeup I will be more than happy to.
Just leave a comment and let me know. :)

Hope you all have a fab weekend so far.
Gotta go party my ass off!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick


  1. Hello JordanMayTwigs! =D

    I like your nails! You Don't Know Jaques? is such a rich colour!!

    Oooh.. what if you request for a swap from Asian bloggers? I'm sure they'll be glad to oblige =D

    Unfortunately, only one package is a gift. The other two are purchased from my hard earned money haha~

  2. your makeup looks fierce! that's so cool...i just did a post on 60's makeup...haha :)

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