Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lay-Away At The Consignment Shop??

I went on a bike ride this afternoon.
So I went to the consignment shop to see how much I had made.
And found out that they've got lay-away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Betseyville bag was still there.
So I snatched that up.

I also found a brand new pair of A&F Distressed Jeans that fit me perfectly.
I needed to find a new pair since my thrifted Hollister Distressed Jeans are in MAJOR distress.
And need to be retired.
After 6 years of wearing them none stop I think it's .O.K. to stop wearing them.
I'm thinking of making a purse out of them.
So I can still have them with me.

I was looking for work pants.
But couldn't find any that fit right.

Or work shirts.
I hate being so small sometimes.

My mother did offer to buy me some pants last night.
So we went to the outlets.
Where I went to Rue21 and got two pairs of plain black dress pants.

We also went to BCBG Max Azria.
I tried on dresses for a friends wedding in July.
I didn't get anything.
We were just looking for ideas.

Now I'm just relaxing for the rest of the day.
Since we didn't go to the record store Vintage Vinyl today.

Maybe we'll go to the flea market tomorrow.
Depending on how nice it is out.
It looks like it wants to rain right now.
I'm so glad I got home before it started!!

Any good plans for the weekend??



  1. Oh yeah, the dreaded dress code :( Keep lookin, they're out there! Iv'e never heard of layaway at a thrift store before! Score !!!