Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures In Thrifting:: Part 2

After work yesterday I went to pick up my things that were on hold at the WCS Thrift Store.
Those ladies were so nice.
I will definately be back in there.

I bought another slip.
I don't know what it is about slips.
They always tend to catch my eye.

I ffinally found a pair of ankle boots.
I only paid $7.00 for these!!
What a score!!

I also bought a silk scarf for $2.00.
I love this one.

I didn't get the belt.
Because I just wasn't feeling it afterwards.

I have desided that I'm going to buy myself a netbook for my birthday.
And a replica Balenciaga Handbag.
I know that it goes agianst my new rule.
But I desided that I was going to get it before the rule.
So it's still fair.



  1. This is lovely! Thanks for the sweet comment darling :)

  2. When's your birthday ? I too am really infatuated with slips. I have one from the 50's and wear it in really hot weather.Great steal on the shoes. I am looking for tan oxfords to wear this summer with sundresses. Great scarf too. I see it on your head, with a tank and distressed cut-offs with those boots and sox! You are so photogenic, by the way ! :) Love ya!

  3. Those shoes are such a great find!

  4. My give-away is up ! Yipee!!!
    Let me know what u think :)