Sunday, October 4, 2009

I collect things. Part 1. <3

I love Japanese culture.
Even more so I love Japanese Food.
A lot of it can be Vegan.
Which works out great for me.
Since I'm a long time Vegan.
[[ 7-8 years now. ]]

I figured I would do a post of my Bento Box collection.
I know it's Small.
But I'm only one person.
And I don't need to make multiple Bento boxes for my whole family.
It's just me!!!

I have a 2-Tier Bento Box from Japan by PuttiFresh,
Which I used every day when I was still in Cosmotology School.

I have a Hello Kitty Snack Bento.
Which I also used when I was in School still.

I recently got the Teal one with the Dinosaurs on it.
From Borders.
It's by PaperChase.
One of my FAVORITE companies.
Such kawaii things!!

Then I just have a Fit && Fresh one,
Which is for larger sandwichs.

This is some of my Kawaii Hello Kitty things.
Some are from Japan,
Others are from Target,
Others are from Hong Kong.

Then this is my Hello Kitty Printed Lunch Bag Sets.
And Sandwhich container.
Plus Hello Kitty Ice Pack.
I love it because it's got Pink gel in it!!

I'm going to start making my Bento boxes agian.
I just never go anywhere that I really need to bring food with me.
Other than when I go to the city.
But that's it.

Peace Love && Lipstick

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