Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tag - Contest Entry For Kalmo


Here's the rules::

What You Have to Do:

1. Make an awesome outfit/collage on Polyvore (people/makeup/clothes all OK)

2. Post the outfit on your blog on the same entry where you mention my giveaway

3. Leave a comment on this entry saying you want to enter and leave the url of the post where you mentioned my giveaway/ posted your Polyvore outfit in your own blog.

4. If you do not have a blog, please take a snapshot of your Polyvore outfit on your screen and email it to me at applegrace (at) gmail (dot) com.

Not too bad right? I hope you guys have fun with this contest. I will not judge outfits based on what I would wear or anything like that so please be daring, girly, or whatever! The number of followers a blog has tends to grow after a giveaway, but I hope any new followers to my blog actually just like my blog for its content (not just the giveaway) and comment from time to time. ^^


Please do not steal or copy other people's creations that are already featured on the website! Be creative and have fun. Thanks!

Here's my outfit // colage ::

Kalmo Giveaway Set
Kalmo Giveaway Set by JordanMayTwigs featuring Alexander McQueen

I started with the Bag.
Because to me you REALLY need a statement piece this Autumn.
And this Mui Mui Lambskin bag did it for me!!
Than I went on to thinking of what I would usually wear.
So I picked the American Appearal Silver Liquid Leggings.
And the Nirvana sleeveless shirt.
Which since it's Autumn it will be cool out.
So I would most likely have on my boy friends Flannel and a Studded Vest.
Yet agian another statement piece that I felt was needed.
After I'm dressed I always feel the need to wear SOMETHING vintage!!
Which is why I picked the Purple 1980's Vintage Sunglasses.
I also picked a Betsey Johnson Necklace which I own!!
And I picked out an Alexander McQueen Heels and Scarf to add some color to the outfit.
As well as a little bit of an edge with the Alexander McQueen Skull Bracelet.
To add some extra depth to it.
Than of course who doesn't want a huge Victorian Style Mirror to get dressed in??
And than I just put my current FAVORITES WHICH I AM OBSESSED WITH!!!
Viva La Juicy Perfume, Anna Sui Lip Rouge, MAC DazzleGlasses, And Shu Lashes!!

Peace Love && Lipstick


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for entering my contest. NIce collage! I wish I had that bag and three way mirror! Good job! :)

    One of the rules of the contest if that you have to link my blog in the post. Do you know how to hyerlink text?

  2. I just linked it now.
    My internet was bugging out before.
    And wouldn't let me link it!!

    Peace Love && Lipstick

  3. I want that mirror! :D Great collage you have here.

  4. Because who doesn't want an Anna Sui Style Triple Mirror?!?!?!

    And thank you!!

    Peace Love && Lipstick

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