Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I <3 West End......I MEAN REALLY <3!!

So me and Robbie went back to West End today.
I can't wait for the Summer to be over.
I miss you Autumn.......

So yeah.
We went to the Consignment Shop agian.
Where my Miu Mius are sitting patiantly for me to come get them.
I tried them on and walked around in them.
Fit like a glove baby.
AND ONLY $60.00!!
The girls got them on hold for me till the end of the week.
And is going to try and get the manager to get them lower for me.
Best part??
My friend Eric might buy them for me TOMORROW!!!
I <3 boys.
I really do.

So .O.K.
We went to the Thirft Shop today.
And I got a killer awesome Waist Cinching Belt.
With a Gold Chain hanging off it.

I also purchased an 1980's oversized Cream Leather Clutch.
Which has some sick detailing on it.

As well as a Scarf.
For Autumn.

I will upload picture's later.
Right now my camera is charging.

Oh and My Pretty Pink Mini Sampler came yesterday.
I picked the Makeup Sanatizer Spray.
The Eyeko samples.
And the NYX Sheer Lipgloss.
Which I might just give to Robbie.


  1. Oh Miu Miu's for $60, you lucky girl!!! I am completely envious. And yes, how nice is it to have sweet boys willing to buy our thrifted Miu Miu's.
    Love your blog! :)

    "Bohemian Bisoux"

  2. Thank you
    Yes I love boys who buy me nice things :)

  3. Awesome finds, can't wait to see the pictures!