Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tag - Summers Giveaway. [[ My bag collection ]]


This is my FAVORITES bag collection.
I know I don't have a lot.
But I tend to use the same bags all the time anyways.

I do happen to have 3 Betsey Johnson Betseyville Bags though.
Which I do adore.

As well as a Hello Kitty Overnightter with matching wallet and cosmetic case.
And a PaperChase Overnightter with matching cometic case and jewelry roll as well.

The other three are just cheapper bags I've gotten.
One is a Gryson For Target [[ White woven ]]
Another is an Urban Outfitters bag [[ Stone Grey ]]
And then I have my Aldo bag [[ Cream braided handles ]]

Overveiw of my FAVORITE bags::


My Betsey Johnson Bags && Hello Kitty Overnightter from Japan::


And my Gryson For Target, PaperChase Overnightter, Urban Outfitters Purse && Aldo Bag::


  1. Hi darling...i am really really happy that u take time to join in my contest...awww u are so sweet!!! thanks a million *maucks*

  2. By the way which prize do u wish to own? (prize 1 or 2)? let me know in my chat box...ok? have a nice day