Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally A Day Off.............

Hey everyone I just wanted to say sorry for my lack of posting last week.
I worked all week last night.
Making it hard for me to post anything.

Today is my day off.
Then it's back to work till the 15th.
Which is the wedding that I'm helping my father with.

I got to go pick up my Lay-Away stuff from the consignment shop today.
I was excited to finally get my Betseyville Bag && A&F distressed jeans.
I also found some accessories.
And put some more stuff on Lay-Away till next paycheck.
Since I went over there on my bike.
And wanted to bring some more stuff over there anyway this week.

These zipper accessories are hair ties//pins//brooches.
How neat is that??

I am in love with this ring.
It is also hand made.
And has a feather as the leave of the rose bud.
So cute!!

I got this necklace at a steal for only $3.00!!!

I also won Reva's giveaway.
So excited about that!!!
I can't wait to get my package!!
Thank you Reva.
You really are a doll.<3

So what else have I been up to??
I completely redid my room.
I got rid of my futon.
Replacing it with a free standing hammock.
Which today I think I might make a cover for.

I also ripped up my rug.
I now have paint splattered hardwood floors.
Thanks everyone for your comments about my mother.
She was really flattered to read them

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  1. Love all the roses and especially like the purse!!! I will be doing your T this weekend! The jeans u got are great,too! Are u gonna chop em???
    I wish I could have warned you about working for K-mart (Sears) as I worked at Sears for years. They will take over your life, if u let them. I found that I had to set my foot down and take up for my much needed time off after awhile. They won't fire you as long as u do a good job (after your 90 day probation, of course) Don't over-do it !!!