Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mall Haul && Swap With Summer.

So sorry I've been MIA these couple days.
Betsey has been a handful this past week.
She has now learned how to climb OVER the baby gates.
She's seriously like having a new born.
I swear she's going to keep me from wanting children for a VERY long time.

Here's a portriat my daddy took of her the other morning.

As some of you may have read in Summers Blog:: [[]] we are doing a swap!!
I am also going to get her an awesome killer birthday present as well.
Too bad I can't spill the beans as to what she's getting!!!
My end is kind of a surprise!!
[[ The swap part, and the birthday present part ]]
Because who doesn't love swapping and getting a chance to get stuff from around the world that you can't find here?!?!

So I had to go to the mall yesterday.
I was going to post this last night.
But Betsey which is her NEW name wouldn't let me sleep.
Plus I had horrid anxiety from shopping all day.
And freaking out as to what to buy!!!

I did need to pick up a few things for myself.
So here's what I GOT.


I went to a company called Trade Secret and got these two OPI polishes.
Which I have been oggling for quit some time.
There You Don't Know Jacques [[ Brownish Greyish Taupe ]]
And Siberian Nights [[ Dark Plum Royal Blueish ]]

I also got new Shampoo && Conditioner.
I desided to opt for the ones that I have wanted for awhile.
Just havn't bought.
I got Paul Michells Tea Tree Collection Lavender && Mint.

I'm not sure if any of you have ever seen or used these.
There Corrector and Clean Up Pens.
From OPI.
I've seen many different brand ones.
But this one looks the most promising.
Since it's refillable!!

Next I ran over to Forever 21.
And picked up this killer necklace.
Lately I've been really into accessories.
Not so much cloths?!??!

I think it's because all the fall trends I already own.
So it's like why buy more new cloths when I could spend it all on makeup and accessories.
Although I have been digging my vintage pieces a lot lately.

Speaking of VINTAGE.
A pair of Steve Madden t-strap heels.
For UNDER $10.00!!
I was like GOTTA HAVE THEM!!!

I of course also bought new Nag Champa inscents.
Because it's the BEST scent EVER.
I even have Nag Champa scented Vegan Laundry Soap!!


  1. oh those shoes are so cool..i love the design and detail on it.Betsy is so so so pretty!! i can imagine her waking you up in the morning..haha

  2. Ohh lol, my cat did the same thing when i first adopted him. he wouldn't let me sleep & keep asking for attention. spoiled little kitty!

    I've never heard of nag champa before so I did a lil gooling. What an interesting product...

  3. Cute shoes! I almost bought that purpley OPI color the other day, it looks really pretty. I love Nag Champa, every year I buy soap from a lady who makes it and one of my favorites is her Nag Champa scent.:)


  4. Nice haul, hun! And your kitty looks so cute. :)