Thursday, September 10, 2009

Review:: Aspire Cotton Ball Holder.

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has the problem where you do your toe nails.
Then you do your nails.
But end up smudging your toe nails before there dry.
And don't want to do the same thing to your fingers.

It's a Cotton Ball Holder by Aspire.
Which is a plastic tube,
[[ It's pink OF COURSE ]]
That has a claw on the inside of it,
That comes out when you push the button on the opposite side.
To hold the cotton ball.
So that you can remove polish from your nails or someone elses without ruining your own!!
How nifty is that?!?!

They can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply in the States.
For only $2.99 with your Professional Sally's Card.
I think there normally $4.00 something???

I've only used it once it it definately gets some getting used to.
But I do like it.
I kind of wish it would grab the cotton ball a bit better.
What can you do??
It's a plastic tube with a claw inside of it.
It's a very simple piece of equitment.

Peace Love && Lipstick

Oh and .P.S. ::
To anyone who ordered a My Pretty Pink Box,
Were you as let down as I was?!?!?
I mean REALLY PEOPLE??!?!?
I was more impressed with the Sample Baggie.
Which was more reasonablely priced.
As well as better in general!!!

I would do a post about it.
But it's just a big dissapointment.
Maybe I just got a bad month to start doing it?!?!
I don't know.
But I won't get it agian.
Unless they do some major rethinking of there sales technic!!

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