Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tag:: My Makeup Storage, PLUS HELLO KITTY!!

So I got my Hello Kitty tattoo done last night.
My awesome boy friend did a KILLER JOB!!!
It's still a bit sore.
But that's to be expected.

Sorry for the weird angle.
I couldn't get it straight forward.

So here's my Tag.
My Makeup Storage.

I keep my makeup in two 3 drawer containers.
Which I bought at K-Mart.
I think I need new one's though.
Because these don't seem to be working as well as I had hoped.
Anyways here we go.

On top of my Eyes && Lips Drawer is my mini three drawer container with all my lashes in it.
Which are labeled.
MAC lashes are on top,
Then Sassa lashes,
Then Random lashes.

The first drawer has my Eye products.
I do have a smaller container inside there which has my everyday powders and such in there.
Like my MAC PRO Setting powder,
My MAC Mineralized Skinfinishes,
My MAC blushes which aren't in palettes,
And my MAC Heatherette Alpha Girl Beauty Powder.
[[ Which I need to find a back up of!! ]]
Then next to that is my Eye liners in a glass jar.
Standing up.

Next drawer is my palettes.
Which are mostly MAC as you can see.
As well as my Brush Belt from .E.L.F.

The last drawer in this container is my Lip products.
I have my MAC && NYX lipsticks and lip products in the bigger conatiner.
Then everything else which I usually don't use is in the littler containers on the sides.

On to my Other Container!!
Where I hold my Face Products,
Things for work,
And Nail Polishes.

Drawer is where I keep all of my random face products.
Random products I hardly use.

The second drawer is all my fondations and concealers for work.
As well as my handheld mixing palettes,
Baby wipes,
Cotton Balls,
Extra Brush cleaner,
And Lip Mix Palette.

The last drawer in this container is my Mani && Pedi drawer.
It's got everything I need to do my nails in it.
[[ All my nail polishes are OPI// 53 currently ]]

Then there's my Trunk.
Which is my Temporiary Vanity.
Which has my mirrors.
My brushes in there brush roll,
My MAC Eye Shadow Palettes [[ 3 ]]
My MAC Blusher Palette,
My perfumes.
And random other things you use on a vanity.

I also wanted to let everyon know that tonight me and Mikey are going to the New York Couture Fashion Show at Webster Hall!!!
There giving out 100 FREE goddie bags to the first 100 VIP GUESTS!!!
Which me and Mikey are!!
There also sellign a Limited Edition T-Shirt.
Made JUST for this Fashion Show tonight.
Which I am TOTALLY getting my hands on one of them.

Peace Love && Lipstick


  1. hi dear..i love the purple trunk you have.i always love such trunks,i would love to paste them with stickers of countries, to make it like its a travelling trunk

  2. Hello, I just had to leave you a note because I've so enjoyed reading your posts today. You have the most gorgeously beautiful site - best wishes & thank you ..

  3. Super cute hello kitty tat!

    And you've got TONSSSSSSSSS of beauty stuff, I'm so envious! =)

  4. Your tattoo is adorable! Hope you had fun at the fashion show!:)


  5. Super cute hello kitty tattoo! I love your purple trunk and pink mirror.

  6. amazing tattoo!
    I wanted to get flowers on my ribcage forever but I guess I'll wait untill christmas to be sure about it and.. well to have the money, haha!

    I love looking at your make up, there is something so beautiful about beauty products themselves that intrigues me.