Monday, September 28, 2009

Construction Site // My New Room!!!

I never mentioned this before.
Because I didn't really think anyone cared.
But since my brother moved out.
We are now moving me from upstairs in the front of the house,
To downstairs in the basement.
The room will be a few square feet bigger.
And me and my father are building a HUGE closet for me!!!

The closet I have now is WAY too small.
And half of it was taken when they rebuilt the kitchen a few years ago and put the fridge on the other side of the "wall" of my closet.
So now I'm going to get a whole new closet.
With shelves to put my shoes and everything.

I'm also going to build a plateform bed.
Which will have 6 large drawers under it.
Three on one side && three on the other.
Which will hold my T-Shirts && Jeans // Leggings.
As well as my makeup on one side.
Since I'm not getting my vanity until we move my mother's things upstairs from her "room".
Into my room to turn into her sewing room // office space.

Then the place where her sewing things are now will be turned into a "dressing room" // "makeup area " // Bar && extra storage for my father.
I'm getting half he's getting half.
That's the deal we made up.

I won't be having my new room until December or January though.
Which kind of sucks.
BUT everything will be brand new.

I'm also trying to figure out a way to create a display cabnit for my Care Bears && Care Bear Cousins.
So that they don't get ruined.
I'm thinking about making a long glass front cabnit for them.
So that there protected from the kitten down there.

I'm pretty sure we're making a built in book case too.
So that I can house all of my Nylon Magazines && Teen Vouges.
Would you believe I've been collecting them since 2004?!?!?!?
There's an ENTIRE bin worth of magazines in there.
I need to get magazine holders for the shelves.
I might just store them in boxes so that they don't get warped.

Another thing I need to get is a bunch of frames.
To put my posters && Art work I have in.
I don't want them to be just tacked up on the walls anymore.
I want them to be displayed properly.
I've got too many nice things to let them get muffed up anymore!!

If anyone has any ideas for my new room let me know!!!
Or if you know where to get the things I need for a good price.
Since I need to get a bunch of things for storage.

I'm also debating the color of the room.
Should I wall paper it on the two walls??
And paint the other ones??
Or paint them all??

What color scheme should I go with??
I'm still trying to deside on that one!!!

I'll update this later when I figure that out I think!!

Peace Love && Lipstick



  1. I am in love with your blog !
    So nice !

  2. I'm sure your room will look fantastic! I wish I could have more space in my closet!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  3. lucky lady, i have to share a closet with my boyfriend, my clothes are always squished and wrinkled. i can't wait to see your new closet!!

  4. jordan: hey there, thanks for commenting on my post about my horrible experience with mscrappycuppycakes. really? like what? ooohh... good thing she didn't run away but her service SUCKS (mscuppycakes).