Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daddys Little Girl. XOXOXO

Photo Credit :: Ephemera Photography // Edward Anastasio

These are from when my father was 16 // 17 years old.
They me a sense of inspiration everyday.

I got this post from a fellow blogger.

Reading.......... Hippie [[ Agian ]] As well as finishing Edie, Hopefully before Christmas.

Listening........... Patti Smith [[ Horses ]] , Elvis Costello [[ When I Was Cruel ]] , && Todd Rundren.

Cooking............ Vegan foods for the Fall. While staying on my "Cleanse // Detox"

Wanting........ To get my thigh piece finished, A Wes Wilson piece, Fabulous luxe new textures and pieces for the Autumn months.

Making......... .C.D.'s for my Lover as well. So that we have music to listen to on our car rides to and from the city. As well as a pair of high waisted t-shirt material biker shorts with tule accents.

Loving......... The up coming event's of Autumn. For once I'm actually EXCITED for it to be cool // cold out. I like to wear as little clothing as possible. But this year I'm READY to pile the clothing on.

I tag everyone who wants to.
Link me to it if you do.
So I can read yours!!

Peace Love && Lipstick


  1. Great pics...esp that second one. :) I can't wait to wear Fall fashion too!