Sunday, September 20, 2009

Current Inspiration = Wes Wilson.

I've been getting back into my old "Hippie// Free Spirited" ways lately.
And an artist who has ALWAYS inspired me be it makeup OR clothing was Wes Wilson.
Who did most a majority of the better known Fillmore West's trippy poster art work back in the 1960's && 1970's.
Above are a few of my current favorites.

It's actually quite funny.
My fathers friend found a bunch of old play bills in a time magazine that he had bought when he lied in San Fransico back in the 1980's.
Like at least 50 of them.
I was like OH MY HEAVENS!!!
I fell in love with them.
There awesome.

I only have replicas of them.
I hope to one day own REAL ones.


  1. Glad you like. Check out Wes' site at for more!

  2. i hope to own some too....luv the old psychedelic bills :)

  3. awesome! i love the old 60s/ 70s rock posters. hippie/ free spirited ways are the best.
    peace & love!