Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Offical!!

So it's offical.
We're keeping BabyLove!!!

I was talking to my mom today.
And she told me she fell in love with her.
And wants to keep her!!
So she's mine now!!!


  1. Awww Babylove is too cute, how could you not keep her.

    Congrats on the new pet kitty!

  2. Hi hun,

    Of course i will be able to pick up these 2 (brush holder and tray for you..LOL..i want you to love me more than are so cute..i will find out the cost for you tomorrow.can i have your email? u can email me at


  3. cute!!!
    i'm glad you decided to keep her :)

  4. My parent's and boy friend actually made me change her name.
    Her name now is Betsey.
    After Betsey Johnson.

  5. Hey doll! I just got your comment on my post about good mmu companies to try...Definitely check out Fyrinnae, The She Space & Aromaleigh! Those are my top 3, I've never gotten a crappy product from either one!

  6. Thanks for following & joining my giveaway...goodluck...

  7. What a sweet kitten!
    My friend found a bunch of kitten last year, abandoned by their mother. My friends and I took one of the kittens in, and we're so glad we did =)