Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend and Taking Woodstock.

I had an awesome time at Yippie's Cafe Saturday night.
Matt was great!!
Unfortunately I couldn't take any photo's because I forgot my memory card at my parent's house.
What a bummer?!?!?!

After the show me and Mikey went and got $1.00 Falafals.
If you're EVER in the city you MUST MUST MUST have them.
Lower East Side is the best.

Then we went back to his apartment.
Were Nico was tattooing two Trannys.
They were awesome.

Sunday Mikey drove me home.
And I slept all day.
[[ I had a long week!! ]]

My parent's came home and brought me back a bar of natural soap.
From some place in New Hampshire.
It smells really nice.
I havn't used it yet though.
I've got to finish using the ones I've got first before I start using a new one.

Yesterday me and Matt went to see Taking Woodstock in a town called Red Bank.
It was pretty decent.
I wish it was more about the music though!!

Right now I'm waiting for Mikey to get here so we can go out to Lunch.
Than we're off to go hang out with our friends Richie and Iggy.

Peace Love && Lipstick

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