Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Sneakers, Sunglasses && HAIR!!!

My Girlie Girl Lanie Gave me these sneakers yesterday.
There so comfty.
I only own Chuck Taylors.
And a pair of High Top Nike Dunks which I use for work.
These are PERFECT for Fall and Winter in the city when I don't want to wear my Docs.

These are a pair of Vintage Sunglasses I won in a trivia game.
They needed screws in them.
So my mom fixed them for me at her job.
Such a nice mommy!!!

Now for my new PURPLE HAIR!!!!!!!!

I did the front panel Purple.
For a friends birthday on Tuesday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
I also forgot to mention that I saw Iggy Pop && The Stooges last Friday.
But didn't take any photo's because I was too busy dancing!!



  1. 1. Re: the sneakers, I love purple and green together.

    2. Purple hair! Very cool.

    3. Iggy!! Even cooler. ;)

  2. hey! i found your blog through a comment you left on Hipster Musings - I was just saying last night that if I could die my hair, i'd go purple. I havent yet because Im a red head and have been a wimp about experimenting!