Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Things About Me Tag // Award.

I'm going to say I'm VERY sorry for my hiatus.
I miss blogging so much.
And I hope this is my REAL return.
So much has been going on.
I just haven't had time it seems to blog.
But I miss you all very much soo!!

The lovely Angelica tagged me in a 10 Things About Me post.
So here it goes!!
In no particular order.

1.) I make mixed media framed artwork for fun.I've always loved making art.
But recently I started using Vintage Vinyl Record Covers that I had that were beat up and turning them into Altered works of art.

This is one of the pieces I made.
Out of a German Map.
A piece of vintage lace.
And a Lewis Carrol Quote.
"If you don't know where you are going, Any road will get you there."
It's one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite authors.

2.) I am the face of a Photography Studio.
This is the photo that is on the business cards.
I love this photo of me.
Not to sound vain or anything.
But I look DAMN GOOD!!

3.) I'm planning on going to Comicon NYC 2011 this year.

This is who I plan on "dressing up" as.
Tank Girl!!!
She's my all time favorite comic book EVER!!

A bunch of friends and I plan on going to Comicon NYC 2011 on October 15th!!
I'm so amped.
I can't wait to go!!!!!!!

4.) My favorite scent from Bath && Body Works is White Tea && Ginger.

This has been my all time favorite scent by Bath && Body Works since I was about 15.
Unfortunately they don't carry it in the store anymore!!
So I've got to order it offline.
Which chews sometimes when it's not on sale and I run out.
But it smells so good.
Even in the Fall && Winter months.

I've got her tattooed on my chest!!
Because I love her that much.
And I love Kawaii things.
So why not getting her tattooed on me?!?!
6.) I'm getting my 13th tattoo ASAP.
I'm getting the OM symbol on my inner left bicep.
To remind me to always stay calm.
It's very important to me.
Because I've got severe anxiety issues.
And this will hopefully help with them.
By reminding me to stay calm.
And to breathe.

7.) Urban Decay is my all time favorite cosmetic line.
I've been in love with there products for a while now.
I adore there palettes.
As well as there lipsticks.
I love that most of there products are VEGAN.
And the color pay off well that speaks for itself.

8.) I went to Bonnaroo 2010 for my 21st birthday.

One of the photo's from the photo shoot they did at Bonnaroo!!
It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.
Tennessee is stunning.
And being able to see all of the bands and performers I got to see was completely jaw dropping.
My favorite artist I saw was most likely Jeff Beck.
I unfortunately don't have ANY photo's from that trip.
Because my stupid camera's batteries died before I got a chance to take any real pictures.

9.) I've had just about EVERY hair style and color known to man kind.
This was by far my favorite hair style though.
It was a black mohawk with blonde sides and a pink front panel.
I was 17.
And I felt like such a bad ass.
Now I've got to have somewhat normal hair.
Because I work at Macys.
And they frown upon things like that.

10.) My favorite animal is a Sea Horse.
The sea horses life is a constant struggle to survive.
I got these two sea horses tattooed on my inner fore arms above my fathers initials and my own.
They mean everything to me.

Until next time!!

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  1. That studio photo of you is gorgeous! I think Urban Decay is awesome too. You REALLY love Hello Kitty! :D

    It's great to learn more about you!