Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Birthday Presents, **Pic Heavy**

Here are a few more presents I got from family and friends Saturday.

Do you remember when I said my cousin's wife was going to Hong Kong??
Well here's what she got me!!!

A variety pack of 15 different Facial Masks!!

Hello Kitty Blotting Paper,
Which I've been dying to get my hands on forever.

Naive Deep Cleansing Cleansing Oil.

An entire case of lashes,
I can't wait to use them.

Fiberwig Mascara and Dejavu Eye Liner Duo.

A HuHu Cat bag.
Which is so adorable.

This is the card she got me for my 21st birthday.
She knows me so well!!

This is the card,
Shot glass,
And hand painted wine glass my mothers coworker got me.
I love the detailing on the wine glass.

My uncle got me this Organic All Natural Bath Set.
From a local shop by where he lives in Trenton, NJ.
It's "Very Vanilla".
Smells so warm and soothing.

My brother got me the ENTIRE Color Club Summer Polish Collection.
Peach:: Oh Naturale, Orange Glitter:: Turn The Other Chic,
Baby Blue:: Take Me To Your Chateau, Clear  Glitter:: Si Vous Please!
Baby Pink:: I Believe In Amour, Pink Glitter:: Hot Couture

Last but not least,
My mother went to Costco and picked me up Ponyo!!!!
I love Ponyo.
She's so adorable!!

And my friend made me this musical note button.
It's a piece of sheet music that she took and turned into a button.
How kick ass is that??

And thank you to everyone for my birthday wishes.
I really did enjoy my birthday.
I got to spend it with my parent's and brother.
The people who meant the most to me.



  1. I am so glad u had a great birthday! Mine is June 19th. You are gonna be so surprised when u get ur package. I have added alot more to it, thus the delay. I was trying to be sneaky, but I don't do sneaky very well :) I didn't want u to think I forgot you, you are such a special girl and I wish I could hang with ya in person, but the net is ok,too. How's work? E-mail me when u get package, i will be out of town, but Hubs will let me know. I will be in the land of no-internet, and having withdrawal, but getting back to nature, so it's really a good thing!

  2. I've never seen him live, but I did know he was bleaching his hair these days. That's awesome that you bond with your dad over him!

    So glad you survived the Bonnaroo! Can't wait to hear how it went. xx

    Oh, and that nail polish collection is so great! I love the baby blue.