Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sex Zombies Album Release Party ++++ Other Random Stuff.

The past few days have been a none stop party.
Between going to the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ to see The Avengers.
Then Friday going to The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ to see some sweet Reggea bands.
To last night at Lousyland in Long Branch, NJ seeing The Sex Zombies play there last show!!
I've been going none stop.
Today was supposed to be a my family friends going away party but that got cancelled last minute.

Here's some of the pictures from last night.

Scarlett Fever, The Sex Zombies Awesome Bassist!!

Patt, The Sex Zombies Vocalist and Guitarist.

Jupiter and Rob Dancing.

My friends Son Aiden, He's the coolest little kid EVER!!!

Lousy Break, Sean my brothers old roommate is the Drummer.
[[ Not a huge fan of him ]]

Another one of my friends Jacko [[ Lead Singer ]] And Larry [[ Guitarist ]] Band.

Another one of Jacko and Larry.

More of Jupiter dancing to The Sex Zombies.

Scarlett Fever looking gorg as always!!!

Me and The girls Awesome Shoe picture!!
[[ I'm in the Creepers. ]]

My The Avengers Ticket.

My Random Silly Bandz I woke up with Friday Morning.
And the Dinosaurs are Silly RINGZZZZZ.

[[ Sorry for the blurry photo I couldn't get it to focus. ]]
This is a ring my mother got me from a jewelry store in PA this week.

And this is a black lace dress I bought at Marshells at the beginning of the week.
I got it in a Large,
Because I want to wear it with a t-shirt under it or something.
I'm thinking of new ways to layer for the Fall.
I'm tired of the same old things.

Hope everyone's week was as eventful as mine.


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  1. you know you've had a good night when you wake up with bands from the night before :)