Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jersey Shore Blizzard Aftermath 2010

Here are a few photo's taken by my brother and father after the blizzard.
We were pretty much snowed in for the past 4 days.
We're finally able to get out and around now though!!

This is the morning after the storm outside our apartment.
This is the morning after outside my parents house.
A look down the street from our apartment.
View through our friends truck down a side street,
It took them 3 hours to dig it out.
My mothers van completely covered.
A view from my parent's porch while it was still coming down.
More of the day after.
My parent's back yard.
My fathers car completely gone.
The alleyway next to our apartment,
It took them 3 days to even come help get us out!!
The beginning of the storm outside my parents house.
Our friends truck stranded in the snow!!!
My parents back yard fence.

The past few days have sucked being stuck inside.
My brother and I ventured out yesterday to the food store.
And the pickings were more then slim!!



  1. Wow this makes me miss the snow

    <3, New Follower

  2. Wow, Oh my goodness that's a TON of snow! I complain about getting a lot of snow here in Ohio, but this seems to be a whole new level. Sheez!

    Thank you so incredibly much for the lovely comments on my blog! You are too kind: seriously!
    Oh, and I saw those F21 bow heels. They are insanely gorgeous, but you're right SO high! I would probably look like the biggest fool trying to walk in them...

    Well, looks like I'm rambling on, as well! I'm notorious for that, he. :)

  3. snow <3 i love the fish eye lens (i think that's what it is)

    am i able to use an image for my one blog
    would be much appreciated :)

    if you have sometime would you take a look at my blog

  4. Fresh snow always looks so romantic and I love your shots so much - thanks for sharing them here, I can't get enough of them! I'm following you now:) xxoo