Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Hello Kitty Christmas. :)

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas,
Here on the Jersey Shore we had a bad snow storm last night,
Which means I'm not going anywhere for awhile.
So I've got time to blog!!

This picture was taken at my dad's birthday party a few days ago.
Does my dress look familiar??
It's my Betsey Johnson Dress,
I couldn't wait for NYE to wear it.
These are three of the gifts my boy friend gave me.
I love the purse mirror and hinge wallet.
My friend gave me this Burt's Bee's Travel Set.
I <3 Burt's Bee's sooooo much.

My mother surprised me with the Hello Kitty Sephora products!!
I wasn't expecting them at all.
The Shower Gel and Lotion smell so good.
And the purse mirror will be for special occassions only.
This box is great for holding all my samples!!!

Hello Kitty Pez and Sticky Notes.
I finally got the Urban Decay <3's NY Book Of Shadows.
Can't wait to use it.
Some of the Sephora samples.
Both my boy friend and my mother got my Hello Kitty dolls!!

Can never have too many pairs of tights!!
My boy friend also got me an Unicorn pillow pet.
It's just as big as our cat!!

My best friends mom got me this skirt for Christmas.

Back detailing.
With exposed zipper.
She also got me this Fuax Fur Leopard Print Shrug.

I love this Hello Kitty Bath Towel Wrap.
It's super soft.

My boy friends family got me this sweater.
It's really comfy too.
My brother got me a Gumby mini back pack!!!
I bought myself these heels from Forever 21.
There very YSL-ish.
Side view.
My boy friends family also got me a hat,
And gloves.
I'll need all three in this storm!!

Hello Kitty House Shoes!!!!
My two favorite things in one pair of lounge pants.
Hello Kitty and Cupcakes!!

My boy friend also got me a Skelaton Key Necklace which matches my tattoo!!

A new Hello Kitty 8GB Memory Stick!!
My family in South Jersey on the 19th!!
My mom also surprised me with the Hello Kitty Docs!!!
As well as the Hello Kitty Asics Trainers.
I got a new Laptop Lamp too.
How neat is that???
She REALLY surprised me with the Hello Kitty Sephora Perfume.

I also got one of the nail polishes in Frosted Cupcake.
This is most likely the awesomest gift ever.
My mother crochetted me a Hello Kitty Scarf.



  1. Love all this HK stuff! What girl doesn't love getting anything Hello Kitty? hehe.