Saturday, December 4, 2010

Recent Thrift Shop Goodies!!! :)

Here's is my collective thrifting haulage of pieces for the month of November and beginning of December.

An above the knee Free People Skirt,
I love the detailing on the waist and hem.

I got this velour cami since it's such a useful piece.
I can wear it with my new skirts.
Or with jeans and a wrap.
Plus I love the color combo.

I totally adore this Free People tie front long gauze cardigen.
Agian this I can wear with a bunch of different pieces.
It adds the right amount of romance to any outfit.

I am completely in love with this Free People sweater dress.
I wore it the other day with a tank top underneath,
A carmel long cardigen,
Black leggings with grey knit knee high socks,
And grey biker boots.

I've been dying to get my hands on a Velvet dress!!!
I'm shortening this one.
And debating cutting the sleeves off.
Don't you just drool over the color???

My find of the year!!!
FOR $28.00!!!!
Can you say PERFECT NYE dress anyone????

Another Free People piece.
For some reason the people in my area are selling there Free People stuff???
I'm not complaining though!!!
I plan on wearing this with maybe the camisole a cardigen with some knee high socks and brown round toe heeled boots.
Perfect late autumn outfit for dinner.

I actually got this Miss Sixty Reversable Faux Fur Coat from a friend.
I didn't want to buy one.
And they didn't want it so they gave it to me!!!!
Perfect with so many of my new pieces.

I love the brand American Rag but never like to spend the money on it.
So when  I found this I was all over it.
It looks good with everything.
Even just jeans and a t-shirt.

This piece is also American Rag.
Who doesn't love a cropped little denim vest.
That can be carried over into Spring perfectly.

I also got a pair of Kitson boots.
Kelly Green Juicy Couture Velour Lounge Pants.
A Fake Fur Trimmed Hoodie // Jacket.
And a Fake Fir Trimmed Black Fox Jacket.

What purchases did you lovely ladies make this past month???
Any good thrifting trips???


  1. WOW! I love the velvet dress, especially!

  2. This is very lovely! I adore the Fp dress!
    PS: I’m having a lovely Giveaway on my blog, you’re more than welcome to participate here: Boho Market Giveaway