Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belated Valentines Day Post &&& NYC LUSH HAUL!!!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone.

 So sorry for my belated post.
I ended up going to NYC with my father, Aunt and cousin today.
To be in the audience for the Dr. Oz. Show!!!
[[ Of course I went to LUSH And got some goodies too while I was there. He-He-He ]]

Yesterday [[Feb. 14th]] the BF and I went to the Jenkinsons Aquarium.
I haven't been there in YEARS!!
But it's still just as fun as I remember it when I was a little kid.

There's me with the Despicable he won me at the arcade.
Looking like a true kid with the fish in the back round!!

My boy friend making his "GRRRRR" face with the Piranha's.

These frogs amaze me.
There so small yet so poisonous.
It's really neat actually.

A couple different shots of the Shark Tank.

Can you spot the sea horse in the coral???

Of course I got all artsy with the Whale Skull and Rib Bone.
Daddy taught his baby right!!
[[ He's a photographer. ]]
These alligators where small but still scared me.
I'm not a fan of much of anything that can swim after me then chase me on land!!
No offense to the alligators.
I just don't want to be eaten!!
Sorry for the dark Penguin photo's.
The lighting was all wonky.

There's a funny story about this seal.
Her name is Lucile the Seal.
You can't see it in the picture but one of her eyes is messed up.
She has been in this aquarium since my brother and I were little kids!!
She was in an accident and rescued and brought to the aquarium.
And has lived happily ever since.

Crabs and Turtles.

And my favorite,
The Sea Horses!!
I was so excited to see them.
I knelt and watched them for a good 20 minutes.

All in all it was a great time.
The weather was great.
The company was even greater.

It's my anti-gravity Despicable!!

The card and chocolate the BF got me.
And the two Valentines and one Easter Hello Kitty he got me.
As well as the mini rose bush.
How thoughtful of him??

This purse is handmade by a lady in NV.
My BF's mother sent it to me for Valentine's Day.
How sweet of her??
This is the card my parents got me which made me cry.

Now onto the LUSH Goodies!!

The PS I Love You Box Set.
And three Magical Mushroom BubbleBars.

The P.S. I Love You box set came with a mini Strawberry Fields Massage Bar,
A Magical Mushroom Bubble Bar,
An It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint Tin,
And a Lovebirds Soap.
All packed neatly in a cute little box.

I love the Magical Mushroom Bubble Bars.
I think they might be my favorite LUSH product EVER.
Too bad there only around for Valentines Day!!

Well I hope you all had a fab Valentine's day!!


  1. Love your new bag, it's so unique :).

  2. Dispicable Minion is soo cool :D
    I still can't see the seahorse!?
    mira x