Monday, February 28, 2011

NYC Trip With Some Friends.

Saturday a few of my Roller Derby Girls and I took a trip to Brooklyn, NY.
To get me my Riedell R3 skates from Five Stride Skate Shop.


A few shots from the train to Manhattan.

Once we got to Manhattan we walked around a bit.

Where we ended up at the FIT Museum.
We saw two exhibits.
The His & Her Exhibit.
And the Tokyo Now Exhibit.
We couldn't take photo's there but I found some online from the Tokyo Now Exhibit.

After we left the FIT Museum we were all a bit hungry.
So we went to Whole Foods.
Where they were having there Saturday Smackdown.
Which is a department competition.
This time it was Passion Fruit.
I got two recipes.
One being Passion Fruit Dressing.
The other being Coconut Crusted Tilapia.
Those were our favorites!!

Then we stumbled upon a GREAT sushi place.
Nancy's first time using chopsticks.
She got the Kiss & Fire Roll.
I was really enjoying my sushi!!
I got the Vegetarian Delight Roll.
I've never had it with Avocado on the outside though.

A photo op for everyone's sushi!!

Everyone's cell phones and green teas. :)

After lunch we hopped on the subway to Brooklyn.
Then we got to Five Stride Skate Shop!!

I was so nervous to be back on skates after not being on them for almost 5 years!!
I was ok once I got home though.

After the skate shop adventure we stopped into Meeker Street Inside Flea Market.
Man that place is awesome!!
We found all sorts of neat stuff there!!
I'm defos going back soon.

I really want to go back and get one of these trunks.
To make it into a bench.

All in all it was a great day!!
Gumby thinks so at least!!

Today I went and got my gear for Roller Derby.
I got a Helmet,
Knee Pads,
And Elbow Pads.
I'm going to get my Wrist Guards tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great week!!


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  1. Oooh, a roller deby girl! I'm a figure skater myself and my best friend does derby. I have Reidell skates too! :)