Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter NOTD!!!


Here's my Easter NOTD,
Which took me a good long time to do.
And I'm PROUD of it too!!

It reminds me of those fancy Easter Eggs!!

Base Colors are alternated between OPI Done Out In Deco [[ Creamy Lilac Pastel Purple ]]
And Revlon Minted [[ Creamy Mint Pastel Green ]]
The Lace Print color is OPI Sand In My Suit [[ Shimmery Beige ]]
With Konad Image Plate Number m57,
The Tips of the nail are Hello Kitty For Sephora Frosted Cupcake [[ Shimmery Pastel Pink ]]
The Pearl Print color is Color Club Take Me To Your Chauteu [[ Creamy Light  Powder Blue ]]
With Konad Image Plate Number
And the Heart was Konad Special Polish in White,
With Konad Image Plate Number m59.

I hope everyone likes them as much as I do!!
And have a HAPPY EASTER!!

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