Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NOTD, Recent Gifts, && MY VANITY PICTURES!!!

My nails of the day,
OPI Done Out In Deco,
Hello Kitty For Sephora Frosted Cupcake,
Sassi Silver Glitter Striper,
And Hello Kitty Nail Plate!!
These are my Easter Nails!!

I don't know why this image is upside down?!?!?
I had a really hard time the other day with my allergies.
My eyes were swollen and puffy.
So my boy friend got me a gel eye mask.
Which came with little "cucumber" slices with stuff to depuff your eyes.
And Organic Lollies!!
I also FINALLY got my Furniture Remix, Restyle, Refurnish DVD.
As well as a sample of some Origins moisturizer with SPF.
And one of the venders at work got me a gift.
It's a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker's Eau Parfume In Covet.
It smells so nice.
I also got the BF a True Religion Duffle Bag,
And a new pair of BCBGeneration Black Ballet Flats for work.

Now for what you've all been waiting so patiently for!!

I will post picture's of everything that's IN the Vanity soon.
It will just take awhile.
Because if you can't tell already by the Cell Phone pictures above,
I might have, Sort Of Broken my Point and Shoot,
But I think I might be getting the new Rebel soon........
Anyway here's some shotty Cell Phone picture's of my vanity!!

The Vanity it's self.

The "hutch" I put on top of the vanity to give me more room.
On top of it are my nail polishes,
My bathroom caddy,
And a Hello Kitty box with my Sheet Masks in it.
Inside the hutch are my vanity tray,
My brush holder,
Another Hello Kitty box,
My "Don't Go To The Makeup Counter Without  Me" book,
My "The Guide::Perfume" book,
My Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland palette,
My plastic holder with my lashes in them,
Nail Polish Remover,
Hello Kitty Perfume,
A makeup bag with touch up stuff in it.
An extra makeup bag,
And a Betsey Johnson Box with some of my jewelery that I wear often in it.

This is what's inside the top side drawer.
All of my Mascaras and Brow pencils are together.
Next to that is my "TO BE DEPOTTED" container.
There's also my "everyday go to lashes" in this drawer.
As well as my everyday go to face makeup.
And eye  lash curler.

This is where I keep random stuff.
My Brush roll.
Cotton Balls,
Makeup Wipes,
A brush,
A wash cloth,
And my eye mask.
There's also my Gucci Sunglasses in there.........
I don't know why there in there,
I guess I had no where else to put them???

This is the second drawer on the side.
This is where I keep my non-MAC lip glosses and lipsticks that don't have a home somewhere else,
And my single eye shadows,
As well as my "other" face products that I don't reach for on a regular basis.
And some other odds and ends.
Like Primers,
And back ups of some things.

This is the bottom drawer.
And the deepest drawer.
It's home to ALL of  my MAC shadows and Lipstick and Lip Glosses.
Urban Decay Book Of Shadows 2 & 3.
Eye Liners,
Mineral Shadows,
MAC Palettes.
And Wet n Wild Color Icon Palettes.

So that's my vanity.
I <3 it sooooo much.
I hope you do to!!

I WILL be painting it soon.
I've just got to wait till everything else gets figured out.



  1. I love the look of that! It looks like an actual VANITY, not a desk with a mirror like mine =)
    Cute nails, too=)
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Nice setup!!! I wish mine is as neat as yours ahaha