Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Haulages Post Of The New Year!!

Before I get  into this post,
I would like to thank each and everyone of you who wished me a Happy New Year.
Thank you!!

As most of us know,
The beginning of the year is the time with most of the greatest sales!!
Everyone's returning things they got for Christas,
And using gift cards up.
So for us bargin hunters it's a great time to stock up on some things!!

I went to Sally's Beauty today to pick up some Red hair dye.
[[ Yes I' dyeing my hair agian!! EKKK. ]]
And spotted some really great deals.
First of which was these one liter bottle of Shampoo and Conditioner for $15.00 for BOTH.

I've used Hemps products before.
Like there lotions and such.
But I was curious about there shampoo and conditioners.
But at this price I think it's safe to gamble.

My good friend works at Sally's.
And let me in on the hidden treasures on the clearence rack!!
I got this gift set for HALF of the CLEARENCE price.
So 3 full size bottles for $2.49.
If that's not the deal of the centrury I don't know what is!!

Yesterday I went to the mall.
Because I went online and saw that Bath & Bodyworks was having there semi-annual sale.
Which is the only time that I can get the White Tea & Ginger Set.
So for $12.00 I got the entire set.
Plus a back up lotion.
Compared to over $40.00!!
We also picked up a Wallflower.
In Cinnamon & Clove Buds.
For $5.00 instead of almost $12.00.

We defos made out like bandits there too!!
Next was my consignment shop purchases.
Sorry the pictures are sideways.
For some reason I can't turn them!!!!!!

I picked up this really pretty lace top for layering in the warmer months.
I love the delicate detailing on it.
Perfect for dressing up or down.
Next I picked up a cream cropped long sleeve knitted sweater.
I thought this was another piece that will carry over well into when it's starting to get a bit warmer out.
I can just throw it on over a t-shirt and jeans and flats and be good to go.

This sweater I adore!!
It's by Free People.
But it's so long and cozy.
It's kind of thin but it's surprisingly warm.
This is also a Free People Knit top.
I saw the color and the neck line and was instantly in love!!
I wore it yesterday with my Black Forever21 skirt, lace print tights and docs!!
Such a cute outfit.

And last but not least I got an issue of Nylon.
My favorite fashion magazine.

Well those are my first hauls of 2011!!
Have any of you gone thrift tripping yet??
Or better yet,
Braved the malls for new years deals??



  1. I love that fist lace top you got from the thrift shop! So nice! Actually all of your finds are really good. Me and the man went shopping at Bath and Bodyworks too and I couldn't believe the deals!

  2. omg that china glaze set! SO freaking jealous, you can't even get the brand easily here :( you should have picked up a spare ;)

  3. I thought I was the only person who wore white tea and ginger! I HATE that it is not available year round. It really is the best scent.